United as One

Dear Radicalised Nutters,

I’ve just finished watching the concert organised by Ariana Grande.  It was called One Love Manchester.  It was fabulous.  It sent a message out, something you won’t understand.

As you well know, 22 people, mostly young people, died when one of your ilk decided to detonate himself after an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena on the 22nd of May.  Whatever he thought he would gain out of it is wrong.  Yes, he caused heartache, such a lot of it that it is, in fact, heartbreaking.

You used a car on the 22nd March to run through innocent people on Westminster Bridge and yes, you killed people.  You killed one of our police officers.  But you will never beat us.

What you lot don’t understand is that even though we are often divided by political opinion, football alignments and many other things in our every day lives, we stand united against you.  We always will.

You hired a van on the 3rd of June and you strapped fake bombs to yourself.  Why fake? Is it because you are so useless that you can’t even make a real one.  Did you think that by wearing these false vests you would alarm people? It might have done but despite all that, the public told you where to go.  By throwing chairs and tables and glasses and bottles at you because we are basically telling you where to go.  Before our beloved police ended your rampage, yes, you did get your kitchen knives out and you killed and you hurt people and we will mourn them but YOU will never win.  An off duty policeman took you on because he was trying to protect other people.  This is us.  We will always protect each other, we will always stand united against you and your ilk.

When you try and divide us all you do it unite us more and more.  When you detonated yourself after the Ariana Grande concert you killed people and you seriously injured others.  We hurt, we did hurt.  But we didn’t fall apart.  That’s not what we do.  There will be concerts in the Manchester Arena, people will drink in Borough Market so you haven’t won anything.

All you have done is take lives.

And you can’t dine out on that in your horrible flats with your horrible friends because you’ve died doing so, because you are so cowardly that you will also die.  For what? Virgins? You don’t even realise that this is a false claim, but you are stupid enough to believe that.

You’ve hi-jacked a religion in order to “justify” your behaviour but now that religion is starting to fight back against you.  It’s taken a while but it’s happening.  People who follow the religion you say you follow are reporting you, and they will continue to do so.  They aren’t frightened any more.  We’re helping them to stand up against you.

Just know that Manchester tonight is what we all think – fuck you and your attempts to cow us.  It will never happen.  You can sit, seething, in your manky homes and decide to hire a van and load up with the knives from your wife’s kitchen set but you will never beat us.

You will NEVER beat us.


The UK and it’s beautiful citizens


One Love Manchester.

One Love.

We stand UNITED.