Girls don’t like boys, girls like Simon Murray

I’ve had to use the latest addition to our song book as a title because I’ve been singing it since Saturday afternoon.  If not out loud then in my head.

Shouldn’t complain though. The song I had going through my prior to that was Skinny-Malinky-Long-Legs.  Don’t ask.

On to Saturday afternoon.  It rained but then the sun shone on Leith as the ever faithful made their way along to Easter Road for the first game of the league season.

I admit to being excited.  Very excited indeed.  Basically since I got home from work on Friday evening there was nothing else in my mind (apart from a good day at work).  I couldn’t really sleep that night either, I’m like a big child when it comes to Hibs.  I’m sure I’m not alone.

Anyway, Saturday afternoon rolls around.  I got to the stadium very early (it was the excitement) and thought I’d get something to eat.  No chance, the food queues were gigantic.  Hibs fans must have had a collective hunger at the same time.  Or, like my pal, were as rough as a badgers arse.  He hadn’t even been able to go for a pint before the game.

The pyro had returned to Easter Road as well for the raising of the flag. Ourselves in the lower west are keen for these to be a permanent fixture given that they heat us up nicely and since Hibs have failed to deliver heated seats for us in the west, this would be the least they could do.

So out comes the flag-pole, the podium and Sir Rod Petrie.  No one I sit with heard the Hibs Announcer say Sir Rod Petrie but say it he did.  I have it on video.  Congratulations on your non-knighthood Sir Rod, right up there with Sir David.  Might as well make Leeann a Dame as well.  Dame Leeann Dempster.

Anyway, the football.  We were minus Darren McGregor and Sir David for Saturdays match due to the stupid rule that yellow cards carry over to the next season.  How much madness is that? It’s a new season, everyone should start anew.

Moving on.  The line-up was good.  Paul Hanlon back to match fitness got a start.  McGeouch back in the starting eleven as well.  Whittaker, Ambrose, Hanlon and Stevenson across the back, McGeouch, Bartley, McGinn and Swanson across the middle and Boyle and Simon Murray up front.  The bench was on fire as recent signing Stokes was joined by Matulevicius (it’s even hard to type), Slivka, two of our other new boys, Porteous, Fontaine, Laidlaw and Fraser Murray.

The start of the match saw Partick Thistle “having a go” and that had clearly been their intention.  Go with all guns blazing and see what they could achieve and I suppose that did kind of take us by surprise.  Hibs fought back though and it was just through disorganisation that Partick Thistle actually managed to score on the 7th minute from Chris Erskine.

Go back a couple of years and I would have said that was that.  Game over.  The heads would go down, we’d probably lose a couple more and we’d lose the game.  I’d come on here and moan my head off about various things.

This is a new Hibs though.  Not new like Rangers (est.2012) but new mentality, new toughness, new attitude.  I did go huffily for chips after Partick scored but I was still eating them when the man we call Squirrel squared the scoring up just seven minutes later.  Apologies to anyone who got a chip on the head…

What can I say, Hibs just turned it up.  They were all over Partick.  A pleasant goal from Mr Whittaker on the 33rd minute made sure we went into half-time ahead 2-1.  Lenny didn’t have to say much at half-time but whatever he did say made even more of a difference because when Hibs came out for the second half they were in a no nonsense mood.

Seven minutes into the second half we won a penalty which Simon Murray took and nearly wrenched the net off the posts with it.  That ball was never being saved and it was never going to miss.

And so, thanks to his league cup and pre-season goals, Simon Murray has earned a place in the Hibernian song book.  He joins Darren McGregor, John McGinn, Stokesy as well as many other songs we’ve got.  It’s an entire concert.  Compare that to the Hearts song book which currently contains Hearts, Hearts, Glorious Hearts and, if they’re feeling brave enough at the derbies, Ooooh the Hibees are gay. Yes, we are very happy, thank you.  We’re very blessed as we have seats.  And play in our own ground.  And we aren’t owned by Anne Budge.  And we don’t have Craig Levein.  Or Kyle Laugherty.

The weekend ends with Hibs being second in the league and Hearts being…well, bottom.  Confirmed bottom because of goal difference.  Everyone has everything to play for, if we’d scored two more goals we’d have ended the weekend on top.  In a few weeks we’ll know who is going to suffer and who is going to do well.  I’m expecting Hibs to be in the latter category and I can see no reason why we wouldn’t be.


Stokesy is on fire, we’ve got John McGinn, Daz is a class defender and girls like Simon Murray.




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