Roadworks: Now GEMMAONLINE.CO.UK and other changes

Take me back to when life was simple and technology didn’t exist!

Well, I don’t really mean that as such but this last couple of weeks have been a ‘mare with this blog.

My original web address expired before I could renew it and this led to a general nightmare with 123 reg.  I flagged up that I couldn’t renew the web address three times and I still haven’t got any further than a ticket being issued and the first steps of recovery.

So, I thought SOD IT! Let’s start anew.  Not completely anew but the web address is new GEMMAONLINE.CO.UK.  It saddens to have to change this after seven years but perhaps a revamp was needed.  The address basically does what it says on the tin.

Along with that I decided to redesign the site.  If you’ve actually looked at it lately you’ll see that is going a little bit well.  As ever, I never want to take the site down to revamp it because it takes me a few weeks to get it as I want and I don’t want it offline because I know my reader likes to drop in now and again and there is always the random reader from places I have only ‘sort of’ heard of who likes to drop in.  Can’t deny them the chance to read my ravings on various subjects.

I am trying to make the site more simple.  Not for the reader but for the author.  The reader has been doing fine.

I continue to tinker with the site.  I get to put the bonnet up when I come home from work and on days off.  Much like an enthusiast rebuilding a vintage car.  Although the website is more like trying to get a Ford Escort from the 90’s going for half an hour to get it to the scrappies.

Take care and note the new address.  Hibs post hopefully before the Sheep!