Strachan is a bogey and Hibs welcome the Sheep to Easter Road

Well, that international break was worth it…

The thing is…it should have been worth it.  If Strachan had not bent over backwards to not use players like John McGinn, Leigh Griffiths and Callum McGregor.  With no justification I might add.

Then the Scotland mis-manager, rather than blame himself for his own starting 11 error, decides that Scotland didn’t qualify because of…yes…genetics.  As a nation we are short-arses, apparently, and that’s did for us this time.

Craig Gordon (around 6ft 3in) must feel like a great lumbering giant as he strides through the dressing room knocking tiny people out the way.

Anyway, this has all been discussed furiously in the media already so it’s time to move on again and hope that somewhere along the line Strachan gets flicked away like an annoying bogey.  In case you haven’t picked up on it, I blame Strachan.

On to matters HIBERNIAN.  Finally we are back at Easter Road on Saturday against the Mighty Sheep! A normal three o’clock kick-off, sod off TV cameras! Apart from HibsTV of course!

As you might see from the picture with this blog, Easter Road is going to be very busy on Saturday afternoon.  Personally, I’ll be there sharpish.  I don’t fancy standing in a queue to get in to then stand in the pie queue and probably miss the entire first half…OK, I don’t technically need to eat chips but it’s all part if the match day experience.  Welllll, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I’ve been thinking about this upcoming game quite a lot.  Partly because I can’t wait to be back at my church but mostly because Hibs need this win.  We need it big time.  It’s the middle of October and we’ve had a fairly sketchy start to the season (two international breaks haven’t helped – I blame Strachan) and now it’s time to put in some graft.  Aberdeen on Saturday, Celtic next Saturday (yes, it’s the cup, I know) and then Hearts at Easter Road (relishing that).  So it’s time for Hibs to show what we can do, and we can do it.  We need to shake off whatever demon was hanging around to get beat by Hamilton and have some dreary draws.  We need to remember that we beat Rangers 3:2 at their own house (hahahahahahahaha) and that our last SPL game was a very well deserved 2:2 at Parkheid.  That’s what we’re capable of.  Remembering that the second half in that match was all about the Hibees.

Should Laidlaw keep the gloves? If he’s inform then yes.  Marciano had a dodgy game and that was enough for Lennon to switch to Laidlaw, it’s up to Marciano to get the gloves back.  Any team should have two goalies who are up to it.  Marciano will know what he has to do.

In saying that, if Laidlaw lets in a howler on Saturday then SUB SUB SUB.  Hehe.  Only kidding.

Not a long blog.  I sliced my finger on Tuesday evening (in error!) and had to go to the ED.  It’s very sore to type when the top of your finger is being held on by a steri-strip and a dressing.

Enjoy Saturday!


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