I’m baaaaaaack

Good day/evening, dear reader.

I came on here tonight to check the site was OK and I saw that I haven’t blogged about anything since November the 7th! Now, there are some who would class that as a good thing but, I’m assured, there are others who have missed my ramblings on Hibs or anything else, for that matter.

Well, I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year.  Personally, I worked Christmas Day and actually had a really great time at work.  Everyone was in good humour and nothing went wrong and that helps – a lot.  At New Year I did zilch.  Well, had our Steak Pie dinner on Hogmanay.  Then I returned to Fox Towers (no wild parties now) and settled down to watch Only An Excuse.  What utter drivel that’s become.  It used to be about football and took the mick out the Scottish game (although Scottish football often does that itself).  It was never belly-laugh funny but it would get a few chuckles but now, well, it’s about as funny as a football in the goolies (male friends tell me).  It’s gone political, has done for a few years now, but that’s what it’s really all about with a few pokes at Celtic and Rangers and maybe the odd other team.  The cast used to be good as well, now it looks like Jonathon Watson can’t entice anyone of note to be in it.  The sad and weird thing? If it makes it to the TV this Hogmanay then I’ll probably still watch it because it’s so bad!

Our Christmas Day was on Christmas Eve this year because I was working Christmas Day, as I said before, and it was bloody brilliant.  The family were all there, all together.  It was good just to get together and put the rest of the world away for a day.  All worries and problems weren’t thought or talked about.  Then, as I said, I worked Christmas Day, so I had two Christmas Days.  Really enjoyed the festive season this year and this is someone who can’t be bothered with it.

Where did January go? Here we are, a third of the way through February but what the heck happened to January? It seems like it was Christmas and then it was February.  Being a huge footy fan the winter break was a huge waste of time, in my humble opinion.  It was before, when we had it and it is now.  The league where the majority of teams will be able to stage a match despite the conditions and it takes three weeks off.  Meanwhile, all over the rest of the leagues, games were postponed all over the shop because of the weather and they weren’t having a winter break.  So silly.

Going out of the Scottish Cup also meant a weekend off.  I don’t mind going out to Hearts.  We’ve been putting them out for a few years so, yeah, it didn’t surprise me really.  The Jambos who think we are devastated though, they’re way off.  Many Hibs fans will have been annoyed to go out and in the round where we usually put Hearts out but it hasn’t taken over our lives.  Just something that happened.  I just rolled my eyes.  It’s a game lost, it’s over.  Move on.  Although, I see Kenny Miller is still haunted by our Scottish Cup win over the Newco in 2016.  Keep weeping Kenny, your teams sense of entitlement took an extreme knock that day and gave me one of the best weekends of my life.

I also seem to remember Jambos were going to be ahead of us in the league by the new year and yet, here we are in February and they’ve only cut the gap by three points despite the games that have been played.  Hibs concentration isn’t on Hearts, it’s Rangers who we are close behind.  Also, if Aberdeen don’t make a serious bid to close that 8 point gap between themselves and Celtic then there is something seriously wrong with that club.

Anyway, this was to be a general blog and not all about football.  I’ve had a brilliant few weeks at work, it’s great to be respected for who I am and I am the knowledge that I have.  A year ago I was in despair.  I felt real illness coming on again but I moved companies.  The start was good and then I went through a rough patch assisted by personal problems but I’ve come out of it with the help of my employer.  I’ve been flying since and I love it.  I’ve been supported so much by them that they’ve helped me through it and beyond.  I would always tell people to never look back but sometimes I think you should because, when you do, it’ll remind you of why you moved forward.

This blog will be published on Valentines Day (also my parents anniversary – the soppy gits).  I’ll have to leave my house early on the day because if I am late, and the postman gets here before I go, I’ll not be able to get to the front door for cards…NOT.  It’s more likely I’ll not be able to get to the front door because of leaflets from local takeaways, brochures from Lidl, mail for the tenants who left in 2016, FarmFoods offers and letters addressed ‘To The Occupier’.  Although, you need to watch the latter because the council sometimes communicate massive changes via that method.  Let’s fool everyone into recycling what they think is a nonsense envelope while also implementing changes without them knowing but which we can say we mailed them about. That.

Anyhoo.  Time to end this abomination of a post.  Take care one and all.  Look after each other.

Hibs for the cup…Next year 🙂