Mind the Gap….Again!

Hiya Hibees!

How are you all? You should be bloody dancing.  I am.  Well, I was until the old, dodgy knee gave up.  As it does.

Saturday 17th of February 2018.  Hibernian v Aberdeen.  I wasn’t sure about this fixture.  It could be a win or it could be an absolute embarrassment.  I was leaning towards the latter and when I met my pal, he thought the same.  Aberdeen were on form.  Hibs were dodgy with a few extra injuries although this game saw Oh ee Oh Darren McGregor and THE Paul Hanlon back in the starting eleven and ready to do the business.

Hibs hit the ground running though.  They were determined not to be beat and it showed.  Efe Ambrose appeared to awake from some slumber and made some amazing runs and passes.  Do this all the time Iffy Efe.

Why did I worry? Hibs were all over Aberdeen from the very start.  A wonder we didn’t score more and, it would have been nice.  However, a strong performance that led Derek McInnes to admit that Aberdeen had been murdered on the pitch.

I haven’t seen a lot of Jamie Maclaren and Florian Kamberi because January seems to have just disappeared.  Not helped by the useless winter break.  I knew, though, that both looked great assets to the club and long may it last.

I was going to call this blog “Mind the Gap” but I was having a look through previous blogs and I came across one already called that and guess what??? It was about Hearts being behind us.  It was going to be OK though because they were going to be above us by Christmas (later extended to February – we’ve not had a new update on when they’ll be above us now).

They beat Celtic, Craig Levein became the Messiah, the new stand hadn’t killed anyone and things were going well for the Jambos.  So, how are they still nine points behind us? We’ve not had a great run of form.  Some results that would be better off buried in the back garden beside the hamster and six goldfish and, to be fair, they did close that gap a little bit.

Not for long though and in their desperation to catch us in the league they didn’t look over their shoulder.  Kilmarnock are bearing down on them with just three points of a gap.  If Kilmarnock were to beat us on Saturday and Rangers beat Hearts…uh oh.  So, it’s less Mind the Gap and more…Look Out Behind You!

I made the mistake of going on the SPFL website earlier to see their “Key Dates for 2018/19” and guess what? The winter break lives on.  December 31st to January 18th.  WHY??? What good is it doing the Premiership? When the lower leagues continue to play with many matches being postponed because, generally, of frozen or waterlogged pitches.  I could go on at length about this.

On to the departure of our players.  Namely, Mr Stokes. I’ve heard numerous rumours as to why he was offloaded and I imagine not one of them are true.  Lennon, his pal, must have been really pushed to the limit to actually punt him.  It’s done now though and we’ve moved on.  Thank you for your service Stokesy, you’ll always be a Hibs legend because of the Scottish Cup when you played your best ever game for us.  And that’s it.  Fonts will be missed both on and off the field.  Everyone needs to move on at some point.  I’m still gutted Holty left, haha.

Then the return of a certain Scott Allan.  A Marmite re-signing by Hibs.  I felt neither way about it.  He left, he thought he was bigger than he was and it didn’t work out for one reason or another.  He’s back in a Hibs shirt now though and therefore worthy of our support.  He played well against Aberdeen and think he will be looking towards building his career now with Hibs.

On to the next match day.  Hibs just need to do the job on the day and get the points.  It doesn’t matter what happens around us if we don’t do the job ourselves.


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