Living on my own: Who actually lives here?

G’day. Or G’night.  Indeed, could be G’morning or G’afternoon.  It really just depends where you are in the world and at what time you read this.  From my stats I know that this blog gets read across the world, which is nice.

I forgot G’evening.  Anyway, it’s been a while since I’ve done a ‘Living on my own’ post so here’s one.  A new one.

This one is dedicated to the fact that I think someone else is living here when I am not here.  Most likely, a ghost.  A ghost of the man who used to live here, Jimmy.  It was his flat, you see and I think he’s still here, in some way.

Now, I know that you, dear reader, will think that I am completely off my trolley and you are most likely correct on that but I do have reasons for thinking that Jimmy is still around.  If it’s not him then it’s some kind of mild poltergeist.

To give you some sort of idea about my beliefs surrounding death and dying I will tell you this.  I believe that we have a soul.  I’ll try and be delicate here, I have seen many dead bodies, I have been with someone when they have passed away, on more than one occasion (not the same person I might add).  Yes, the body stops, the heart stops and that’s it but the very being that make us who we are then leaves.  The soul gets trapped sometimes and can’t leave the building, so to speak, and therefore stays.

So, Jimmy is not necessarily a ghost but he is a presence in this flat.  Or the mild poltergeist is.

The first time something went odd was when I was out at work all day and then came home, as you do, had a shower and then put my pyjamas on.  All normal so far.  Then I went to look for my slippers.  I hunted high and I hunted low.  The front bedroom, the living room, the kitchen and the bathroom.  I even checked the stairway.  The one room I didn’t consider was the back bedroom, the ‘spare’ room.  I had no need to check it as I didn’t go in there often at that time.  It was a store room and a laundry room.  It’s now a games room.  I say that because I have a jigsaw set up in there.  As well as laundry, storage and a bed! Multipurpose room.

First of all I convinced myself that someone had got into my flat and taken my slippers.  Yes, they broke in, ignored my TV, DVD player, tablet, laptop and they took my slippers.  A burgler with cold feet perhaps.  Later, after checking the locks about five times, I decided to go and get something from the back bedroom and there, in the middle of the floor, the slippers!

I hadn’t been in the room that morning at all so how on earth did my slippers get in there? Nobody knows.  Apart from Jimmy.  I’m guessing.

No can do when Jimmy hides the polish!

Other things have happened as well.  The polish went missing from the kitchen cupboard for a long period of time.  Now, I know you’ll be thinking that’s just an excuse for not polishing (I don’t need an excuse for that) but it definitely was not in the cupboard as I had pulled everything out to look for it – so desperate was I to polish!

Then, one day, I was inside the cupboard (not my entire body you understand) and there it was, the polish, just sitting there minding its own business as if it had never been away. Hmm, Jimmy!

My hole-punch went missing about six months ago.  Given that I (supposedly) live alone where has that gone? I have never been able to find it but it must be in this house somewhere.  No doubt it’ll appear in a strange place once Jimmy has finished his lengthy spell of hole-punching.

A book fell off the shelf.  This was a few weeks ago.  I was sitting on my sofa minding my own business when I heard a little thump.  I looked over to my desk and found that a book, Prince Purple Reign by Mick Wall, had fallen from it’s upright position amongst other books on to the floor.  There had been no earthquake or any other significant event.  There hadn’t even been a gust of wind outside.  So, it’s either been Jimmy or Prince is trying to send me a message from beyond.

I have a glass that I drink out of.  Juice and water and maybe wine, it’s a pint glass.  Haha.  Just kidding.  Though I do have one glass that I use for juice and water and I just use that one and no other.  The other day I couldn’t find it. I’d used it the day before and I wanted it so that I could have a drink of juice.  Nowhere to be seen.  As with the slippers, I searched the house more than once.  I couldn’t find it at all.  It had to be in the house.

I almost gave up.  I went into the living room resigned to the fact that I’d have to start a new glass on the go.  There was grief.  The old glass was a just the perfect size.  It’s was sturdy, two or three times I have dropped it and it should have shattered but it didn’t.  Because it is THE glass and it was gone.

It wasn’t.  There it was, at the end of my L-shaped couch that I don’t sit at and on the floor, the glass!  There was absolutely no reason for it to be there but there it was.  I swear I heard Jimmy laugh.

This is where I query if I actually do live alone or does Jimmy count as a lodger?

In my last house Mrs Taylor was the culprit. She had lived and died in my room.  One of the things Mrs Taylor liked to do was make me believe that someone was climbing the external stairs.  I would hear footsteps climbing the stairs but they didn’t go anywhere, they just stopped.  I also hear footsteps coming up my internal stairs here.  In fact, it often wakens me.

I’m sure my free-loading lodger has more in store for me, especially after this blog, he’ll probably execute a lengthy and not needed Windows update that’ll make my computer go bonkers until they announce another update to fix it that takes fourteen-years to update.

Well, ha ha Jimmy, I’ll just use my iPad.

NO, Jimmy, NO, put that iPad down, it does not need a bath!

2 thoughts on “Living on my own: Who actually lives here?

  1. Oh I believe you as I have experienced ghosts and such before. I’m not sure yet in this new apartment. I swear I have seen movement in my perifial vision. Your company sounds more active than many I have shared space with.

    1. When you don’t share with anyone it’s really difficult to understand. I love my ghost is more active than your ex haha 😀

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