Mind the Canyon

There’s something I have been meaning to do in the last twenty-four hours…oh yes, that’s it…LAUGH! Laugh at Craig Levein and his ridiculous “natural order” comments.  Laugh at him for just being HIM!

Despite Hearts putting us out the Scottish Cup earlier in the year (you’d think they’d won the Champions League) we still have the bragging rights over the Premiership of late.  Our league form is clearly better than our cup form this year.  Still, the Jambos insist that they are the big team in the city.  The dominant team.

Well, I tell you, they weren’t dominant on Friday night and I have to admit to actually going into the game sure that we’d win.  A bit cocky, yes, but I’ve had a feeling all week.  I was sure.

In the first half they did appear to be reading us well, I can admit that, but I wasn’t particularly worried about it as they couldn’t move forward much.  With a stat at the end of the game that shows they didn’t have one shot on target (again) I knew I was right not to worry.  Goalkeeping stats seem to show that Rocky Marciano had ZERO saves to make as well.  Big team.  Aye right.

It’s probably right to say that Hearts, for once, sang louder than we did, for the first part of the game.  We were actually stunned into silence that they were so loud given that Tynecastle was about to be renamed “The Library” because you’re not allowed to even cough there as a steward will potentially throw you out.  However, the Gorgie deluded had got some energy from somewhere (two for one on energy drinks in Gorgie – probably) and sung their wee hearts out.  They even managed a “Can you hear the Hibees sing?”.  Brilliant.

What they failed to realise is that we don’t like to peak to early.  The collective throat requires time to warm up and we were quietly biding our time.  Our throats were being prepped with pies and Bovril.  The best was yet to come.  What we aren’t is cocky.  We save our singing for when it is most needed…when we’ve scored against them.

It took until the second half for Scott Allen to open up the scoring but open it he did.  Not everyone was happy that Scott had returned to Easter Road. I can see why, but I think he redeemed himself with the opening goal.

Could we hear the Jambos sing? No, we couldn’t.  The odd sporadic outburst of something unrecognisable.  Perhaps bile being brought up, I don’t know.  It’s called being “piped doon”.

On the pitch Hibs just ran Hearts ragged.  Harry Cochrane had had an early departure.  I genuinely hope that whatever happened to him doesn’t cause him any long term injury or lay off.  I don’t know what happened as I wasn’t in the stands at that point.  Hearts do need to toughen him up though.  Get a bit of meat on the bones so that he can cope with the big boys. I will hold my hands up and say that if he is managed right he will have a great career ahead of him.  It won’t be with Hearts because he should have more ambition than that but they need to nurture him with a view to moving him on to greater things.

To a man Hibs were great.  Once we’d worked Hearts out there was just no stopping us.  a one hundred percent team performance saw us put their gas at a peep.  Martin Boyle, where does he get that energy from? Not one sign of fatigue during the whole match.  This isn’t a first for him but it was so very noticeable on Friday night.  There’s bombing up the wing and then there is Martin Boyle.  A wee green and white flash zipping up towards goal.

Dylan McGeough and John McGinn both set themselves up for the finals of Let’s Twist Again (if it were a real competition) with the amount of twists and turns they did leaving Hearts midfield dizzy and dazed.  Hibs’ back pockets were very full on Friday night.

Paul Hanlon and Darren McGregor did their bit as usual and were steady and reliable.  Efe…what has got in to him lately? His work rate has increased and he can be anywhere on the pitch at anytime and it’s usually the right place.  Keep it up Mr Ambrose and I hope you enjoyed your kebab. (That’s not a euphemism, he did buy a kebab in Easter Road on Friday night and was serenaded by the Hibs fans in the shop).  You signed Callaghan, we signed Efe Ambrose – as the song goes.

Ofir Marciano could have been forgiven if he’d been spotted sitting in a deck chair in his goal mouth sipping a margarita, he had so little to do.  Another clean sheet for him though.  Credit to him and his defence and, of course, the rest of the team.  Amazing to a man.

The south stand emptied pretty quickly after Jamie McLaren netted for Hibs second goal in the eightieth.  In fact, it looked like someone hit the fire alarm and only the Jambos could hear it.  They evacuated the south stand well and no one was injured.  Maybe apart from a few seats…

I don’t blame the Jambos for leaving though, imagine hyping up Naismith, Berra and Laugherty and then actually having to watch them play.  Berra looked knackered from the start, Laugherty invisible for most of the match and Naismith is simply out of place.  Imagine thinking Craig Levein was going to be the Messiah.  Imagine being that Hearts fan who thinks that Levein is suffering for Cathro’s signings when Hairy Potter himself sanctioned them.  Imagine.

So, now what do Hearts do? Does Craig Levein need to have a meeting with himself to decide his own future or will Vladimir Budge chop him? One thing I can say confidently is that no manager worth his salt will touch Hearts at the moment.  Hearts are looking a big dilemma at the moment.

Not that I really care.  I loved Friday nights derby.  Fans were superb yet again.  The entire home support singing “Cheer up Craig Levein” was amazing.  Again, the whole support singing “One Neil Lennon” was off the scale.  Shivers went down my spine with that one.  Then Sunshine on Leith.  The emotion that that song brings out in me is unreal.  Mascara run is inevitable!

The banner though.  THAT banner.  Craig Levein, you will never live that down.  Natural order?

Mind the Canyon