No football make-up disaster

Here I am, back again.  Every time I make a come back I disappear again, oh well.  Anyway, I’m probably back again for a bit.  I have so many ideas for blogs in my head that they might all come tumbling out in this one blog.  Or maybe not.  Maybe I’ll just go on at length about there being no football.

I can’t cope when the season ends.  Months of watching football, working out stats, arguing, laughing, wanting to gouge your eyes out, running down stairs to celebrate (and then finding that BT Sport have filmed you doing that), eating lukewarm chips, listening to deluded fans of your rival teams, laughing at Aberdeen, the list goes on.  Now it’s gone.  For a few weeks anyway.

I don’t realise how big a part of my life football is until it’s not there.  Many people have said to me that the World Cup is coming up so there will be plenty of football.  Yes, that’s true, and I will have it on the TV and probably in the background as I do other things.

I’m not a great fan of international football really.  Especially friendlies.  It also doesn’t replace the football I’m talking about.  The football on a Saturday afternoon (or whenever Sky or BT Sport say we should have it).  Getting ready to go and watch your team.  Having the lunch-time game on the TV game as you get ready.  Or on at the pub as you have a few pre-match “nerve relievers”.  Checking four thousand times that you have your season ticket (!), wondering whether you’ll be warm enough in your thermal leggings, jeans, two pairs of socks, two tee shirts, a jumper and a jacket (or is that just me?).

I genuinely don’t realise how much of my time football, particularly Hibs, takes.  From August to May it’s all consuming and then it’s not there.  This leads to further problems.

On Saturday I had made plans just to chill.  The reason why is another story.  Anyway, I was getting a bit sick of chilling and I ended up trying to find things to occupy me.  I read, I was on the computer.  I went around the house opening all the windows (that took about a minute).  Then…I decided to do an “experiment” with liquid make-up foundation.  I’m not going into details about this experiment because, frankly, it was stupid.  It also ended up with the liquid foundation ending up all over the bathroom.  It was all over me as well, all over my hands so that when I touched anything it then got covered as well.  The sinks, the walls, the toilet roll, the towels, the bath, my tee-shirt – all covered.  It took ages to clean up.  It was then that I realised I cannot cope during the off season.  Who knows what sort of trouble I’ll have caused by the European matches? Never mind August.