Hibernian: Goals, chips with sauce and Sir David Gray

Apologies if this blog looks a bit odd.  WordPress tempted me into trying their new editor and, well, I don’t have a clue.  Here’s to hoping.

Saturday 15th September 2018 saw us back at Easter Road after the international break.  A nice, normal, three o’clock kick off.  On a Saturday.  Lovely. 

The journey to Easter Road was a thrilling as ever.  Traffic.  I am starting to understand road rage a bit more these days.  Road works, ordinary traffic lights, temporary traffic lights.  It’s all a nightmare.  I could, I suppose, listen to some music or something but I would rather just get irritated by the traffic not moving, it would seem.

And so! Onto the game.  I don’t know what it is about Easter Road but every time I step through the gates I get hungry.  It must be a thing because after I scanned my way in I saw that the lines at the kiosk were HUGE.  Road rage turned to kiosk rage so I went to my seat.  I really wanted kick-off to hurry up because once it had I would leave it a few minutes before going for chips.  Yes, this blog might be about chips!

No.  It’s not.  It should be because chips are amazing.  Anyone who disagrees is a Jambo.

Right, so, Lennon has a selection headache again, which is nice.  Lovely to see Mr Kamberi and Sir Lord Captain David Gray back in the starting XI, with Daz on the subs bench along with new signing, Mark Milligan.  Starting line-up was Mr Bogdan, Sir David, Iffy Efe, Radge Ryan, Mr Hibs, Whittaker, Handy Horgan, Goal Machine Mallan, Emmy, Squirrel and Flo.  That’s what team sheets should say eh!

So, the game starts.  The ball gets kicked about, that’s not unusual in football if you’re reading as a non-football supporter.  It can sometimes be unusual when hoof-ball takes over.  Although, a foot is still involved. 

Hibs are amazing.  All over Kilmarnock. (They were our opponents).  Amazing display of football.  Of course, I went for chips and had steam coming out my ears at the kiosk but that’s another blog entirely.  When I returned, with piping hot chips, salted and sauced, I sat down.  There is a thing going on at the moment and that is that when I eat chips, Hibs score.  It’s happened on many occasions, ask the people who sit near me. (Covered in chips and sauce).

There I am munching on my chips and we get a free kick.  The friend tells me it’ll be Stevie Mallan and it’ll go top right.  Aye, ok, *rolls eyes*.

It’s Stevie Mallan and it’s in the top right corner.  Jumping about, chips agogo, the friend saying ‘I said it’.  One nil up, a cracking free kick and I still have some chips left to eat, the friend has obtained one.  It’s all good.  It’s only twelve minutes in.  Finish them Hibs. 

Eleven minutes later, chips are eaten, face has been wiped, lip gloss reapplied and we’ve got a corner.  The recently promoted, Lord God Mallan, goes along to take it. He’s gets a bit of a boo from the Killie fans.  So he gets a large cheer from the Hibees.

Then he takes the corner.  Ball glides off his foot and into the air and then, like a phoenix rising, there he is, Sir David Gray and his head, the head connects with the ball and into the net it goes.  A brilliant, brilliant goal.  I jumped up but it took me a few seconds to take it in.  Amazing, transferred from training ground to match play without hitch.  Another David Gray header that will be watched over and over with glee.

Two-nil.  Wahey! Go home, get a posh frock on and get out on the town celebrate.  The game must be over.

No.  This is Hibs.  We don’t like a lead.  Although, I would never celebrate any two-nil lead with most of the match to go as a win because we don’t do leads.  In fact, we hate them.  Two-nil lead, well, why don’t we fuck that up? Build on it? OH NO, by half time it’ll be two-two because we love a struggle.

Second half and we played so very well.  Bogdan, early on in the second half, was a spectator.  During the match, particularly towards the end, he made some super saves.  Brilliant eye on the ball, he saw it like a beach ball coming towards him.  Thank you Adam Bogdan.  You’ve had your critics and you will make mistakes, all footballers do, but please keep doing what you do in our goals.

Frustrating should describe the second half, really.  We should have been out of sight, we should just not have been in the position we were.  This team is amazing.  We had let ourselves down.  Killie’s goals were good, can’t deny that, but we should have been over and sorted them out so they didn’t happen.

Some games though, well, they’re five goal thrillers and, as long as we’re on the winning side then that’s all that matters.  That’s the side we would be on when Kirk Broadfoot bundled legend Maclaren in the box.  In a rare example of being on the ball, referee John Beaton immediately signaled for a penalty.

Flo steps up.  I take particular attention to the feet of someone nearby but at the last moment I look up to see Jamie MacDonald sail through the air in the right direction but not able to save the Kamberi blast.

Arrrrrrggggghhhhhhh, we’re back in the lead. 

Arrrrrrggggghhhhhhh, will we keep it?

Arrrrrrggggghhhhhhh, yes we did.  We won! We won! We got three points so we can’t complain.  That’s what we set out for.  The win.  Though we could do without the points difference.  Not at this early stage. 

Folk say, it’s early in the season, that’s only an excuse for so long, we should have been taken full points from all games already.  No more lost points.  From here on, we win.

Win. Or wine haha. 

‘Fuck the SFA’ was the early call from the Kilmarnock fans and who can argue with them? 

It’s becoming more and more obvious that those who run are game are not managing it properly.  Aberdeen have to be applauded for their statement of September fourteenth.

Aberdeen FC finds the explanation provided by the SFA in relation to the Michael Devlin red card appeal unacceptable.

The club maintains its view that the player was wrongfully dismissed, that the evidence presented was a robust defence and was overwhelmingly compelling in the player’s favour.

In light of recent decisions taken by the SFA, the club believes it is imperative for the country’s football authorities to establish consistency and transparency in the appeal and referral process and will engage in dialogue with the SPFL in this regard to seek their assistance.

Furthermore, at a time when technology is making a significant and positive impact across sport, the club believes that the impact of the VAR system trials in the English Premier League need to be considered if stakeholders in the game are going to regain trust in the process.

AFC is aware that the views we have expressed are held by many who have found key appeal and referral decisions this year perplexing and want to see the governing body dealing with this proactively, with a consistent and transparent appeals process high up on the agenda.

Doing so would enhance the game’s integrity, greatly assist referees, improve the game for fans and, ultimately, the perception of Scottish football.

Statement from Aberdeen Football Club Sept. 14th 2018

As fans we know what has to be done, we can do it if our clubs lead the way.