Living on my own: Lost fork

As everyone knows, I live on my own.  Kind of the point of this part of my blog haha!

Many thinks baffle me about living in my own.  I’m convinced that a ghost lives here, that being Jimmy, the previous occupant.  He does various things like hiding my slippers and things like that.

What is it now? A fork.  And it’s driving me nuts.

I was doing the dishes the other day and a thought stuck me.  I haven’t seen all fours forks together for a while. So I opened the cutlery drawer and my suspicions were confirmed.  I only had three forks.  I counted them several times.  Then I counted the knives – four, the spoons – four, the teaspoons – four.  I counted the forks again – three.  NOOOOOOOOOO.

I don’t have OCD but things like this annoy me.  Where is it? I knew I hadn’t thrown it in the bin.  Had I had anyone round for food since I last remembered having four forks? Nope.

In fact, I have just stopped in the middle of this blog to have another look for it.

Still no there.  I don’t think I can get over how much this missing fork frustrates me.  Now it means I can only have two guests over for dinner rather than three.  So, who do I leave out? These are the problems this missing fork is causing.  Potentially the loss of a friendship because if I have to leave someone out they’ll probably take the hump.  Mind you, they could bring their own fork.  That might work.  But then the cutlery won’t all be matching.  So, well be there with matching crockery, matching glasses, matching place mats and coasters but mis-matched cutlery.  Might as well cancel the whole thing!

It’s a potentially life changing event losing a fork.

Tonight, when I was doing the dishes, I thought I had lost another one.  That would have been a disaster. I eventually found it in the dishwater even though I had done a double-handed sweep through the water and felt nothing.  Usually a spoon floating about in there and I usually catch it so how I missed a fork is beyond me. 

So, there it is, an entire blog about a missing fork.  I’ll write an update should I ever find it.  Or buy new cutlery.