Something about Food and January

Here’s the thing about having a blog. Sometimes I write 1,500 words and am extremely pleased with a blog and then I read it back and think ‘well, that’s just a rant.’ Therefore it’s banished to “drafts” forever.

It is quite difficult, sometimes, to write blogs. Difficult to pick the right topic that people want to read about. I can spend a few hours writing a blog and then, before I publish it, something happens in the world and the blog isn’t appropriate or important anymore. Maybe it was never appropriate or important – likely.

Anyway, here we are more than half way through January. Brexit is driving everyone nuts. Credit card bills are starting to roll in, the end of the month wage is going to look good on paper but, the reality is, January is just a dark month. Your wage will hit your bank account for approximately thirty-four seconds before being fired out about to cover everything bought in December. That £1.84 until the end of February will have to be spent well.

Spending £140 on mistletoe in an attempt to get a quick snog from Dave the delivery driver at work now seems extravagant when, on January 15th you realise how well you could have dined on savers ready meals throughout the whole of January for that amount, plus several pub visits and you could have probably paid your phone bill. Although, the mistletoe did look pretty covering the usually boring ceiling of your work.

Everyone attempts to get fit. New year, new me. Well, I have contributed to this. I have decided that the three takeaways I live two minutes from, should all be treated equally. What that’s go to do with getting fit escapes me…*thinking*…oh, yes.

Right, so, I have decided not to favour one takeaway over the other. I should favour none and avoid all really, but I hit upon a way to use the takeaways and still maintain a quest for fitness. Order food and get something healthy with it.

The first this week was beef curry from the Chinese. My local Chinese (is available to be voted for in something the Edinburgh Evening News is doing). Now, they do a beef curry and there’s usually beef (innovative), onions, carrot and peas in it. However, I don’t agree with veg in curries unless it’s actually a veg curry and therefore would be deemed acceptable. So, I always order beef curry onions only. Still fairly healthy. Boiled rice. Nice staple part of the diet there. Also, peas are evil. Plus, I don’t get deliveries (as I live so close), so, I feel justified and getting a meal that might not be as good as it should be. I walk to order it and I walk home with it. Can’t argue that it’s exercise.

Thursday night though. I think I absolutely nailed the eating better in January thing. I had spent a particularly ridiculous amount of time thinking about what to have for my evening meal on Thursday. That’s dinner for posh folk and tea for Scottish folk. What will I have for tea? First thought was to get all the ingredients out, cook up a nice tuna steak with chilli pasta and decent veg (cabbage). I might even do a bed of buttered cabbage for the tuna steak.

One of the first things that snookered that one was, I had forgotten to buy a tuna steak. I had been at Morrison’s on Wednesday, it was on the list. I didn’t read my list. Although, I had passed through the fish section and it didn’t even jolt my memory. I probably blocked it out because they are so expensive. However, I had wanted one.

This knackered my evening meal. I’d already been to the Chinese this week and the kebab shop – had a cheese burger and chips, there was nothing to write about from that meal. It was lovely.

I sat, sometimes lay, on my sofa redesigning the meal I was going to have. No tuna steak, right, so, just chilli tuna pasta. That would be easy. I had tuna in sunflower oil, I had pasta and chilli flakes. I could do this!

Yet somehow the entire meal had been ruined by the fact that I hadn’t bought a tuna steak. It had been based around a tuna steak do there was justification in this, I reckon. So, I decided to axe the meal entirely and have a takeaway. Cop out, yes, I know.

Then the next dilemma arose. I have been to the Chinese and the kebab shop so I feel a bit for the chippy. This caused an entire internal debate. There is no difference in the distance to walk and the time to wait for food from all of the three of them, not really. However, I wanted something from the chippy. Also playing about in head was the fact that I really need to started eating a bit healthier. January aside, I’ve been hammering the fast food and ready meals. It’s not good for the body or the bank balance really.

I’d been eating mini oranges in an attempt to raise the vitamin C levels in my body and, I am trying to eat various foods that would give me natural vitamins and all the bits and bobs needed in January to give me a false sense of security about my health. I just couldn’t justify another takeaway meal. I should be cooking from scratch and eating well in order to preserve the bank account and raise my energy levels.

However, I’ve had a busy week and the last thing I wanted to do was spend ages in the kitchen trying to get my gas burners to light. On a side note, a guy came out the service the gas stuff in my house and I told him that I was struggling to get the gas burners on the cooker to light. He said he would look at that, turned the four of them on with no issue. As usual. Same on Friday with the locksmith but, that is another blog.

Chippy it is then and I’ve even decided what I want. The amount of times I’ve gone in there and spent about ten minutes studying the menu is unreal. Other folk walk in, order and get theirs and leave and I’m still standing there pondering over a supper, a pizza or a kebab.

Anyway, I was prepared on Thursday evening. Proudly so. I strode in ready to declare my order, but they were really busy and I had to wait. Dagnamit Just Eat!

I love my local chippy, it’s family run and they work so very hard. I can never fault them for anything, so when I walk in and they’re busy getting an order ready for delivery and I have to wait, I never complain. They work their fingers off seven days a week and only have a couple of holidays a year and Christmas Day off.

So, I get served and I grin at the son behind the counter and I say, ‘Can I have chips and cheese please? And a side salad!’

That’s what you call “winning”! 😌