I am not going to rant here. I haven’t written a blog about Hibernian for a little while, so I’m not going to write one that is a complete moan about the beloved Cabbage.

However, things are not great, I don’t think anyone would deny that. Yes, there are people who will say “just get on with it”. They are, to a degree, correct, but, this is our team, we pay good money to see them and we’re essentially in the dark about anything and everything that’s happening at the moment.

Let’s take the Neil Lennon incident. Lot’s of rumours, not much fact. It would appear that a team meeting went a bit tonto, Lennon and Parker ended up suspended by Leeann Dempster. David Gray, who know about such things, tells the press he’s surprised by this as he didn’t think there was anything amiss at the team meeting. We beat St Mirren in Paisley.

Then we get the statement to end all statements. A joint statement, no less.

The management team of Neil Lennon and Garry Parker has left the club by mutual consent.

They have not been dismissed and have not resigned.

The suspension, put in place to allow an internal review, was lifted by the club as part of this agreement. Despite widespread speculation, the club confirms that neither Neil nor Garry has been guilty of any misconduct or wrongdoing and no disciplinary process has been commenced.

However, Neil, Garry and the club now consider that it would be in the best interests of all parties to part amicably.

The club would like to place on notice its thanks to both Neil and Garry for their hard work and the success they have brought the club. Their period in charge has seen the club:

– restored to the top flight,

– reach the top 4 with a record points total,

– qualify for Europe,

– have their record season ticket sales since 1958

Neil and Garry would like to thank the club for having faith in them when they were appointed in 2016 and for their support over two and a half years. They would like to thank their players for their hard work and dedication and finally, the fans for their loyalty and support over their tenure.

Rod Petrie, Chairman said: “We are grateful to Neil and Garry for all their efforts and in particular for leading the club back to the top flight of Scottish football. We wish nothing but the best for Neil and Garry and their families for the future.”

Neil Lennon said: “I would like to thank the board, the coaching staff, the players and all the fans for making the last two and a half years so enjoyable. It has been my privilege to serve the club and I wish it every success in the future.”

Not even Rangers could come up with that and they use a thesaurus for theirs.

So, there we have it. Apparent huge issue on the Friday, by Wednesday “nothing to see here’ sweep, sweep. I understand that there are legal reasons why more couldn’t be printed, it’s still a weird statement. Lennon and Parker did nothing wrong, they were praised to high heavens in the statement, indeed.

Okay, so, they’re gone and we do need to suck that up. Eddie May and Grant Murray taking charge for the Paisley game on the Sunday. Lennon and Parker are not coming back.

Sweet zip since that statement. Usual announcements about new players in (late on deadline day, very late), match reports and other such business. Not a word about potential managers or what the club are thinking. I get there are things they wouldn’t put out, but, board, you have to tell us something. At the moment it looks like there’s a lot of cloak and dagger stuff going. That’s how it comes across.

It’s not really good enough. Hibernian fans have been left guessing about everything this last couple of weeks. Now we, the paying supporters, are no further forward about where things are.

Are we getting a permanent manager in? We don’t know. We do know that Eddie May isn’t for taking on the job full time. However, I was thinking about this during the match on Saturday. It might be an idea to ask him to caretake until the end of the season. We’re not getting relegated, unless something amazing happen to Dundee and Paisley or Hamilton. We’re not going to Europe. We have to take a deep breath and think. We need to steady the ship, therefore we have to look at…is bringing in a new manager a good thing at the moment?

Who are we looking at? Strachan, who doesn’t want it. Stubbsy. Let’s be honest, we would like him back. Yet, we have to think about it. He’s a complete legend of a manager for us. He brought us the holy grail. He left the club as a hero and no one would doubt that.

So, what happens if it all went wrong for him? What if we bring him back in, he fails, he’s not a club legend any more. I know he wants to come back, I’m just not sure he should. I don’t want our memory of him tainted.

We also shouldn’t be put off by the shenanigans of the last couple of weeks. Many managers wouldn’t and won’t be. So, while I’m wanting the club to be more open with us, I also want them to make the right decision and I’m just not sure that bringing in someone is right.

We did, eventually, have a pretty good transfer window. So, a new manager would have a lot to work with, but, none of them are his players. On the other hand, Eddie May gets us to the end of the season, we see how the players play out and a new manager is chosen at the end of the season, giving him the summer to evaluate.

It’s a tough one and I’d love to say the board have it under control. Yet no one knows.

Saturday found us up against Aberdeen. They’re faffing around top four and wanted to keep doing that. They did. I missed Oli Shaw’s goal and the equaliser due to…well, not being in my seat basically.

Did Hibs perform badly? Yes, in the first half. Absolute mince would cover it. Better second half for sure. This is why I will dispute any Aberdeen claims that they dominated us.

It just wasn’t a performance we should accept. Some of our players tried to work their nuts off, there is no denying that. Sir David, Stevie Mallan (I don’t understand why people are giving him a hard time), Oli Shaw, Darren McGregor, Lewis Stevenson and Paul Hanlon.

I don’t think Bartley has been the same since his injury. He used to be so very physical and now he’s backing off from it. A confidence thing. I don’t have real opinion on Slivka, he’s doing what’s asked. Milligan tries, I’ll give him that, Marciano saved his reputation on saving the penalty.

Kamberi. He survived the January transfer, he better prove himself in the weeks to the end of the season. He also survived substitution. He needs to make sure that the next few weeks are the best of his life.

It was a hard afternoon in the freezing temperatures at Easter Road.

I just wonder when the board, despite their silence, will come out and thank the fans for putting up with it. And £20 for the cup game isn’t doing it. I gave you my season ticket money, about sixty quid above the season before. I’m not paying another £20 above that.

Things need to change, Hibernian, and we all know it.

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  1. Hi Gemma, good report again, I just hope they use the new signings, not just have them warming the bench, they need to have a chance for us to see what they can bring to the team. Hopefully we can make the top 6, but confidence seems to be at a low at the minute, what or who can fix that, who knows.

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