Put the singing section back in the east where they belong

There’s a lot that can be said about Saturday’s Scottish Cup tie between Hibernian and Celtic at Easter Road.  A lot of them not good.  I’m not talking about the match either.  About that, I thought Hibs were really good in the first half, it was competitive.  Second half went a bit awry.  Rare service to the front two.  However, the match will, of course, be remembered for the throwing of a Buckie bottle from the Hibs support towards Scott Sinclair as he prepared to take a corner at the part of the ground where East meets South.  There’s no need for it.  It has to stop everywhere.  Coins, bottles, flares, smoke bombs and whatever else people throw onto the pitch, it shouldn’t be happening.  Not only are you letting down yourself, you are letting down your club.

Where the headlines could have been about good performance from both teams, all I have read about since the game is that Buckie bottle.  It’s across the media, across social media, there are fans from other teams trying to take the moral high ground claiming this is a Hibernian problem when we all know there are dafties in every support.

In the end, the bottle landed nowhere near Scott, but what would have happened if it had made contact? Idiots don’t think of long-term consequences when they do something like this.  If it had made contact with the player there’s a chance we could be having a whole different conversation about this.

However, the conversation about that will rage on.  This was not meant to be the point of this particular outpouring of writing.

My main reason for sitting at the computer and tapping away at the keyboard about Hibernian is the singing section.


I never understood at the time, the reason for moving them and I don’t understand now.  They were perfectly placed in Sect 43, right at the bottom.  When they started singing they engaged the whole support and it was brilliant.  Now they’re stuffed in the corner of the Famous Five stand and, sadly, ineffective.  I really don’t like this.  No one around them seems to join in and when you have an away support in full voice, we have nothing. Unless you sit next to them, you can’t hear them. Not so when they were in the east.

Our singing section was a force in the east.  When an away support started up the singing, they would get the stadium alive and singing Hibs songs therefore competing with the away support and creating a great atmosphere.

So, here is my plea to Leeann and the rest of the people at Hibs who make decisions about such things.  We want the singing section back in the east, preferably where they were before.  We need it.  When they were there, the atmosphere was amazing.  They give us brilliant songs about our players that we can all get to know.  They don’t sing about ex-managers dying.  They are positive, they help the supporters and, no doubt, the team.  I sit in the west and, while nibbling on prawn sandwiches there (haha – the posh stand), I’ve always enjoyed what the singing section did in the east.  They must go back there.

We all know that a good singing section is beneficial for a club.  Plus, they largely travel.  We need to move them back to their home and we need to get behind them.  The east stand has tradition for being the ones to sing.

Get our singing section back where they belong.  We need to intimidate, not be out sung.  We need three stands being led by our singing section.  Back to the East.