Your child is not gender neutral until they make up their own mind

I’ve been thinking.  Not always the best thing, I know, but this time I’m sharing.

It’s about gender.

I’m all for people being who they want to be, but I want them to figure that out by themselves and I don’t want them being guided that way by their parents.

I’m a female and I am a tomboy.  A complete tomboy.  I loved kicking a ball as much as I loved playing with my Barbies.   My friends and I combined my Keepers with our Mask toys, Keepers hiding Mask figures from enemies.  It was just a thing.  We didn’t need to gender identify ourselves in this and never have since.  Us girls and our boy pals mixed our toys up and played like that in the eighties.   It’s just what we did.  None of us thought it was out of the ordinary and none of our parents thought anything of it.  It was just done.

Now though, now, everything has to be checked for gender identification.  Barbie? Well, that’s girls.  Ken? He’s male.  Combine them to an asexual persona.  Why? Just encourage your children to play together.

As a bairn, I had a toy baby.  His name was Jonathon.  I loved that baby boy doll and I dressed him in girls clothes.  Not because he needed to be allowed to show an expression of gender neutrality.  It was because, apart from his original outfit, all I had was dresses.  No one died.

As a forty-year-old tomboy I can’t condone people bringing their children up as “gender neutral”.  There is no such thing.  We are born male or we are born female.  In later life we might decide to change that, and that is fine.  There is no issue with that.  Children, though, need to find that out for themselves.  They need to experience the sex that they are born and make changes as they need to when they are ready.  It’s unfair to take that away from them.  Their parents were allowed to decide who they were, so why can’t they?

A good parent would bring their child up as either male or female but not hide the possibilities from their child.  They would open their child up to other possibilities when the child was ready.

You meet a couple who have just had a scan for the sex of their baby.  They won’t tell you it’s gender neutral, they will joyfully tell you it’s a boy or a girl.

Your child is a boy or a girl, until they tell you otherwise.