Hello again! I’m watching the Women’s World Cup

Good day and welcome to the blog I don’t write enough in.  I don’t know where the time goes.  I last wrote in April and it’s now the middle of June.  Not that you’d know it by the weather.  I’m back on the winter jacket at the moment.  I even had to take a hot water to bed two nights in a row last week.

Last summer spoiled us, of that there is no doubt.  It gave us confidence.  We could actually go out without a coat or an umbrella and we knew we’d be fine.  We wouldn’t get a soaking or come home freezing.  I actually shaved my legs and wore shorts to places.  Oh what a great summer that was.

I’ve just drifted off thinking about it.  It actually felt, for a short time, that Scotland could be considered a “hot country”, but then summer 2019 came around and put us back into our places.

Imagine thinking we might have two hot summers in a row…

Women’s World Cup

This summer sees the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019, hosted in France.  This is the eighth in a row since it was properly established in 1991.  I like watching it.  I like the resurgence of women’s football.  Despite what a lot people think, it’s not a new thing.  My own great aunt Peggy played for Leith Athletic ladies and that was a long time ago.  I would say, about seventy years ago, as a young woman.  I’ve been trying to do a bit of research into this to find out more.  It’s proving difficult because of the records kept, however, I’ll continue.

What I cannot stand is the level of hatred spouted at this world cup.  I am in no way what people would call a feminist, I’m a tom boy and my humour is doubtful at times, but what I have seen aimed at the women’s game in the last couple of weeks is ridiculous.  The sad thing is, it’s not all men.

The comments come mostly, from the sites I am member of, BBC Sport and Match of the Day, both on Facebook.   I’m not going to show pictures or even quote some of the manure posted in the comments section of these pages because I don’t think that the people posting them deserve any kind of credit.  They deserve outing but, I suspect, this would only go the other way should they get a bit of publicity.

We go from the comments from the 1970’s, get back in the kitchen and ironing needs done and all the nonsense like that.  From that we move onto comments that there should be no coverage and that it is being shoved down people’s throat.  Hmm.

In this day and age it is entirely possible to completely avoid things you don’t like.  There are hundreds of TV channels, don’t like women’s football – watch something else.  There is also the choice of scrolling past posts you don’t like.  Women’s football won’t change because Gary from Margate says it’s shit.  In fact, no one will actually care about that opinion, apart from maybe a couple of other thickos who like the comment. It certainly won’t stop the BBC covering it.  Rightly so.

Four years ago the WWC was held in Canada and I honestly don’t think that I saw this level of hatred towards the women’s game.  This year, I think it’s awful.  Yet, ignorance is key here.  The women’s game is not the same as the men’s, yet it’s men that struggle with that.

Despite playing to the same rules as men, and the new rules which the men have yet to play to (that’ll be fun), the women play a different game.  It’s a different pace, there is less hoof-ball (for want of an expression), the ball is kept on the ground more – because it is football – and the discipline is different.   Anyone who expects it to be the same as the men’s game is sadly wrong, because it has developed differently and probably for the better.  The women are better at “taking a shot” rather than faffing about and the skying it into row z, yes, that does happen, but they are better at taking shots rather than passing it away again.

It’s not meant to be taking on the men’s game.  It’s a game in its own right.  The only people comparing it to the men’s game are men who are either not watching it or who don’t understand the difference.  I absolutely know, without even questioning it, that those who just criticize the game for the sake of it would not walk up to many of the women in the game and repeat what they write on line.  Imagine walking up to Formiga, who plays her club game at Paris Saint Germain, and her international game for Brazil, is forty-one years of age and is playing in her seventh World Cup, and tell her the women’s game is crap.  The amateur armchair critics wouldn’t do it.  They wouldn’t challenge the males either, but their beef with the mens game is entirely different.  They will tell you.

Some people are having some sort of melt down because the BBC are covering it.  Why not the men’s? They cry.  Well, ask Sky about that.  The bullies.