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I was flitting about the site the other night and I realised that I don’t write as often as I would like.  I have said this many times over the last nine years (yes, nine) and it gets on my nerves that I don’t write as often as I would like.  It’s ridiculous not to, I can access the site from my computer, laptop, iPad and phone.  It’s not as if I have to wait until I get home to write.

Anyway, realising that was still working on a premium plan and that it was due to expire, I decided to not renew it and went back to the free plan.  Therefore there are a few changes to the site.  Nothing major, although I’m sure some issue will crop up.  So, I’m saving £85 a year.  Makes sense if I’m not using the site all that much and I can change it back in the future…


A strange week.  First the defeat to H***** on the Sunday, the relatively DISMAL quarter final in the League Cup that did end up a win in penalties and then Saturday.  A draw with league leaders, Celtic.

The first team to take points off Celtic this season (at time of writing) and it’s us, Hibernian.   Second bottom of the table, four points from seven games before going into the game.  Couldn’t kick a ball, shoot and absolute complete flops.  I was certain that Celtic were going to run out and demolish us.  Expected it.

Then Hibs did something strange.  They started playing well, they were as tough as Celtic, they certainly weren’t out there to be bullied.  The goal was a surprise.  For everyone, I think.  It was nice to be ahead.  Then Heckingbottom lost the head for a moment and was sent off.  Probably best for everyone that.

Hibs performance against Celtic on Saturday was by no means perfect, but it was good.  There was a lot of fight in the team.  Heckingbottom’s selection was, again, suspect and I am still surprised he’s with the club.  I’m not going to stick the knife in again, but I am aware that the club are not listening to the fans.  Which is a pity because, without the fans, there would be no club.


I haven’t written anything on this subject in well over a year.  I find this odd as I have suffered it, badly enough to have required the paramedics twice, in the last year and a half.

These days it’s not as bad, my circumstances have changed a bit and this has lessened the anxiety.  I do still get it though and I mean to write about it again the future.  When in the future? Who knows.  Very soon.  Not only do I suffer from it, I see it all around me as well.

Still, there isn’t enough done to help people, there isn’t enough help for people who have to live with this every day.  I’m lucky.  I can get up in the morning and go out and work, I can go to the shops, the football, I can walk about, I can travel and meet people for lunch.  Others are not so lucky.  Others can’t leave the house, have trouble eating and life is just a mess.  There isn’t much help for anyone with mental health issues.  Help can also depend on where you live, which isn’t ideal for anyone.

Living on my own

This category has been removed by myself.  Well, not removed, taken from the main menu.  All the posts are still there and can be found by typing “living on my own” in the search option on the site (one in the right sidebar and one at the bottom of each page).

There’s only so much you can write about living on your own and I felt I’d covered a fair bit of the nonsense that a person can get up to when living on their own.  Also, let’s face it, I can lose socks, battle moths and despair over my own laundry whether I live on my own or whether I live in a house with forty other people.  I don’t need to be on my own to cause chaos.

I am working on another category though, one that will archive other work I’ve done on the internet.  It can be found here.  Given the articles are archived all over the place it could take some time to collect them.