I think it’s time all the “let’s give Hecky a chance” voices died down and looked at what we are actually seeing.  Our club is third from bottom in the SPL and the fact that we are there is disgusting.  Hibs are not a bottom of the league club, unless led by Butcher, yet here we are, being guided by Paul Heckingbottom into relegation.

St Mirren went above us on Saturday? Why? Because they were playing the bottom of the league team and they knew that they had to beat them to pull away and get out of the relegation zone.  Hibs, nah, we’ll just fuck about, get a draw and stay ripe for getting punted at the end of the season.

There is not one thing that tells me that Heckingbottom is the man for the job or that he should be given any more time at the club.  He hasn’t a clue.  He’s underestimated what Scottish football is and he’s lost it.  He’s so lost it that he doesn’t understand that if he walked we’d all respect him a little bit.

Marciano does nothing wrong, gets benched for Maxie.  Marciano is his countrys first choice keeper.  Diodge couldn’t hit a barn door at the moment, he’s started up front on his own.  Kamberi gets about ten seconds at the end of the game.   Scott Allen gets benched.  Fraser Murray was supposed to be a big part of Heck’s team a few weeks ago, then drops out the team and now only gets a place on the bench.

Get this managerial imposter out of our club.  If the board continue to back him then it’s time to not back the board.  For me, that’s extreme action, but I, as many others do, pay £400 to sit in my seat for just more than a dozen and a half games a season.  I know that the board wouldn’t entertain me and, along with the now many thousands of people who pay the same or thereabouts, and get rid of this curse of a man.  Will they listen? No.  They will not.  So, as much as it will hurt me, I’ll not renew next season when we’re relegated.  Not to take money away from the team, but to tell the board that if they don’t listen to me, I won’t give them what the ultimately want.  If we all do that, or ten thousand do, then they’ll get the message.  They’ll be back down to the eight thousand or so season ticket holders of before (I was one) and our attendances will be a mockery.  They’ll have to drop season ticket prices and away we go, back to almost a decade ago…

Mind we all moaned about Petrie and Farmer… (some – I never moaned about Farmer)

I’m not willing go through it again as we did just four/five seasons ago.  There is absolutely not ONE reason to keep Heckingbottom at the club so get him out.