Fire the failure #Hexit


Well, here we are again.  Hibs snatching a draw from the jaws of a win.  Absolute shambles.

The first half was mediocre to moderate.  Which is an improvement to say the least . The clock got stuck on 1 minute (so as soon as the game kicked off – that should have been an omen).  I didn’t notice that it was stuck straight away, only when I looked at the clock at what should have been about fifteen minutes gone and it said “1”.  I thought I hope that’s stuck and not accurate or else this is going to be a long game.

Then the second half started off not too badly.  The clock was working.  Then we scored (Horgan – ’50) and then again (Allan – ’56).  A two nil lead.  Never! Us? With a two nil lead!

Yep, we don’t do 2-0 leads.  Can’t abide them so really we have to score again orrrrrr…draw or lose the game.  A draw it was.  One point instead of the VERY much needed three.

I was sitting Saturday afternoon transported back in time to the Butcher era.  Well, can’t call it an era, more a Few Weeks Of Destruction.  The atmosphere was shocking.  You could hear a pin drop.  The singing section couldn’t even muster up much.  It was terrible.  Like days of old.

Then Ross County scored and then again. People left in droves, not all for an early bus.  How do we manage to do this to ourselves?

Paul Heckingbottom MUST GO.  There’s nothing left that can be said in his defence.  His team selections are terrible.  He plays guys out of position and they don’t seem to understand his game plan.  The fans can’t understand it.  His signings have been diabolical.  Not one of them has stood out, not one.  There is no way on this earth that the changing room is happy.  Not a chance.

The players can’t be left out of the blame, but again, it’s mostly his signings that can’t play football.  They don’t even look like a team when they’re playing.  They’re disjointed, there’s no communication.  Most of the balls are hit and hopes, not passes.

Defensively it looks like we’re guiding them towards the goal then only remembering that, actually, the should have been dealt with at least in the midfield.

Going forward we’re just not there.  Two goals on Saturday, yes, and both not by Heckinbottoms terrible signings.  I’m not saying they’re terrible players, far from it, but Heckingbottom didn’t know enough about Hibs and about Scottish football to be allowed to make so many signings.  He was given too much freedom, maybe even too much respect, in the pre-season.

I wonder what Do-Ron-Ron thinks of all this? Since he bought the club we’ve failed all over the place.  Surely he must have had a word in someones ear.  All that money into the club and his first season it looks like we’re going down. Brilliant.

Anyway, rather than drone on about something we’re all saying, it’s time for Hecky to go.  If the board can’t see that then what they will see is a decline in numbers for the rest of the season and less season tickets bought next season.  I’d also expect that if/when(!) we go down, the season ticket prices do as well.

Hibs should not be in this position, it’s only been a few seasons since we were here before, it should not be happening.

Hecky Out.