And so it goes on…Heckingbottom lingers

Well, can’t keep writing it.  We’re terrible and Heckingbottom has to go.  It’s difficult to think of anything else to say because this has been the case for weeks now.

Wednesday night was a little bit different because we went down two goals and actually managed to get a point out of the whole sorry affair.  There was some kind of comeback but it was left to the old guard to do it.  Scott Allan with a penalty and then Martin Boyle (welcome back – you have been a huge miss) scored a not bad wee goal to get us the one point that hefted us off the bottom of the league.

Hard to believe this ever happened. He also won MotM with Hibs in March!

Here we are at the end of October and we’re not even in double figures points wise.  Not only that, we’re in the unenviable position of not giving a toss about what’s happening in the top half of the table because we’re nowhere near it.  I don’t mean in points, we’re only four behind Livi who are sixth, I mean in skill, ambition, fight and fire.  Watching Hibs on Wednesday it was clear that Heckingbottom has got them running around like headless chickens.  I didn’t see anything like a shape, just a guddle.  It’s sad and soul destroying.

It’s not any better across the other side of the capital either. How has this happened? Two poor managers and two owners who won’t take action.  Absolute joke.  It’s quite strange really, normally if this was happening to Hibs then the Hearts fans would be all over it like a rash (and vice versa) yet there’s next to nothing.  Both teams are heading in one direction and it’s not acceptable.  Although, I did have a little chuckle when my friend R informed me that Berra had scored for St Johnstone.  It’s these moments that get you through your own matches.

On Saturday we head to Hampden in the semi of the league cup against Celtic.  Kick off is around midnight.  Or it’ll feel like it for everyone who starts out at ten in the morning.  Mind you, a few pints might dull the pain of the game.  I’m not doing a score prediction, I honestly don’t know if it’ll be double figures or if we might hold them for penalties…

Anyway, decisions have to be made soon.  There’s too much at stake.  Whatever happens on Saturday, the following week we’re away up in Perth and that will not be easy.  Then we have the international break, back for three games before a very tough December with six games against tough opponents.  Four of the games are away, including a Boxing Day derby at Tynecastle.  Personally, I don’t want to return from the international break with Heckingbottom in charge.  The board and the owner have to get rid of him.  His post match interviews are making less and less sense, although he’s not blaming everyone else as much as he used to.  Still not blaming himself for anything though.

Until Saturday then.  The Hibs go marching on…