Bit of a round up

Anyone else make phone calls on speaker phone but sometimes forget they’re on speaker phone and do…like a bit of a fart or something? Hope so.  I don’t think the person on the other end heard…was a professional call as well.  Maybe they were just being polite.

Christmas Dinner

Absolutely my most favourite thing about Christmas is the meal.  I am a sprout lover so they have to be on the plate.  I eat them all year round but pile them high on the Christmas plate.

As a family we’ve never really been tempted into going to a hotel or pub for Christmas dinner.  The reasons being that, when us children were all younger, we had family get togethers.  So, there would be me, four cousins all around the same age (my sister would join us in ’83) and probably a dog or two.  Then my parents, my two aunties and their spouses, and my nana.  A fair amount of people.  Yes, we got the pasting table out and had chairs of all sizes.  Someone would be sitting on a bar stool sitting about five foot higher than the table, the person next to them in a garden chair.

That was just one side of the family as well

Anyway, nowadays it doesn’t happen.  One, nana died a decade ago or thereabouts.  Plus, things changed, cousins got married.  People moved, as far away as Australia for one.  Through it all though, the meal is my favourite thing.

Morrisons, the supermarket, have latched onto the idea that people love a good Christmas dinner and are now offering a three-course meal for £7.50 (two course for £6.50) and I think it’s brilliant.  One catch; the group has to be of twenty or more making it more appealing to the office Christmas dinner.  Bargain nontheless and I’m sure larger families could take advantage of this.

Mind the sprouts

Alternatively, nip down to London and hit the Savoy Grill.  Six course lunch going at £250 per adult.  I mean, you couldn’t pass it up.  Don’t forget the 12.5% they’ll add on for service.  Sign up the family!

Or just pop down Farmfoods and get all the frozen stuff in.  Much cheaper and just as nice.  Might treat the family to sprouts soup this year…


Politics & Broadband

Uh-huh.  The old snap general election.  Thursday December 12th.  Will Boris Johnson remain as prime minister or will it become Jeremy Corbyn? Let’s not forget swotty Jo Swinson.  Jo wonders why no one will debate her, well, in British politics we’ve usually always (in recent history) had the two major parties in either government or opposition; Conservatives and Labour.  Lib Dems only had a showing when David Cameron needed to go into coalition with them to build a government.  Since then, insignificant.  Highlighted more when the SNP became the third largest party in the UK.  So, why would Jo Swinson be included in a debate? There are leaders debates forthcoming where a broad spectrum of party leaders will be debating each other (thrill that will be), it’s right, though, that Johnson and Corbyn debate each other on their own.  One of them will be prime minister on the 13th of December.

Although, a worrying “promise” from Labour is that we’ll all get free broadband.  Free, government installed broadband.  I’ve never bought into any conspiracies about UK governments listening in and all that, but this one has got me thinking.  Take over the BT network, subsidise it (until it falls apart) and around comes the government installer to put in your free hub.  What will happen to Virgin Media? Well, they could become the resistance to the government installed broadband.  Meanwhile, I’ll just shut up and get on with my job in the Ministry of Information.  Picture of Dear Leader Corbyn above the fireplace…

Aside from that, it doesn’t look like it’ll work (Ms Abbot did the calculations) because even in countries that already have this say that it isn’t working.  It’s cost you see.  Labour don’t generally care about costs though.  So, we shall see…



Well, Hibs went and done it a couple of weeks ago.  Sent Paul Heckingbottom and Robbie Stockdale packing.  Off you go lads, really was never going to work.  We’re now in a terrible position.  The only thing making it bearable is that Hearts are in the same sort of boat as us.  They have nothing over us on league position or how the team is run.

Of course, this it not our focus.  Our focus is ourselves and in doing that on Friday 15th November we signed Jack Ross as manager on a three and a half year contract.  “Balloon deflates”.

I have nothing against Jack Ross.  I admire what he did with St Mirren as a manager.  Although, St Mirren are not Hibs.  Despite being sacked by Sunderland recently, you have to look at it and think that most managers get sacked at some point.  Sometimes appointments that look great turn out to be far from it.  It’s the nature of the game.

So, the other thing I say is that Jack never put us in the position we are in just now.  He’s just coming in and taking over and has the resonsibilty of dealing with the crap to which he has been left.  I don’t mean players, I mean league position and mentality of the team.  I don’t think for one moment that Heckingbottom did any good for the team as a whole.  He wouldn’t accept any sort of responsibilty for any failures and that never sits well in a changing room, because if the manager isn’t taking on any responsibility it means he blames his team or his coaching team.  He’snot perfect and when it fails, everyone is responsible.

Please don’t invent any songs about him being the greatest thing since sliced bread, or being at the wheel or anything like it.  Just let him get on with it.  A tough, tough job and what he needs is the Hibernian support behind him without elevating him to anything beyond the task he has been given.

It’s also about time someone had a word with Kamberi.  Don’t make it too harsh though, he’ll flake out.