Dopey terrorists v the people who won’t let you cower us

When will they learn?

Those words aren’t meant for politicians in this time of a general election, they’re meant for those who seek to try, still, to make us scared.  Don’t they realise they are not having that effect? It was shown on the afternoon of 29th November, when, for the second in two years, terrorists attempted to bring fear and division to us by attacking London Bridge.

Now they’re just getting stupid.

Sadly, at the time of writing, two victims have succumbed to their injuries and there are a few others being treated for injuries,  More will be found out about them in time.  I’m sure I’m not alone in wishing them all a hasty recovery and in sending thoughts to the families and friends those and also of the deceased.

The attacker seems to be known to the police and may have known links to terror groups.  Links or fantasies about being them are both something else.  There’s a lot of speculation.

Without taking away from the severity of the incident on Friday on London Bridge and in the surrounding area, the terrorists have lost their way a bit.  These idiots who live on the belief of what they might receive should they murder one of us, well, can I tell you now.

Dear Idiot Trying to Instill Fear,

All you’ll receive is nothing, you’ll just be dead, and that’s it.   No one will even remember who you are in a few years.  If you’ve a wife and child (who likely have nothing to do with your antics) they won’t remember you as a hero or anything like it.  Just an idiot who decided to take a kitchen knife and a fake bomb vest and run amok.  You’ll have broken their hearts.

People will remember the innocent victims through.  They’ll be remembered every day, every week, every month and every year after you took their lives.  They will be celebrated because they were loved.

People will remember those passersbys who took you on. They’re the brave ones.  You could have had a gun, more knives, even a functional suicide vest (although that all seemed beyond your capabilities), they went for you though, determined that not one more person would suffer because of you and they won.  You’re dead.  They disarmed you and they fought you so that you could hurt anyone else innocent.  You were defeated.

Yes, you killed and you harmed people on the bridge and the surrounding areas but you didn’t win, and you never will.

Those brave members of the public who took you down and disarmed you, they’re the heros, the officer who ended your life and stopped your violence, another hero.

So, if any eejit is sitting in a room with walls covered in pictures of Islamic terrorist heros thinking that if you stab a few folk and get killed will bring you great wealth in the after life, you’re wrong.  I say again, you’re just dead.

For us though, we mourn our lost.  No one should die on an ordinary afternoon in London.  Most certainly not because a radical nutter (was he even radical?) decides to go on a spree.

Us Brits don’t take to well to being messed with over and over.  We all remember the attack on Glasgow airport.  Anyone terrorist worth their salt would have looked into this, never attack Glasgow when they’re going on their holidays.  Someone was always going to take them on.

For London, they’re just not taking attacks any more.  You literally will be brought down, terrorist wannabe, because we don’t mess about any more.

Thoughts go out tonight to the members of the public who tackled the coward, to all the police officers, medical and fire staff there, but especially to the officer who took the decisive shot.  To the members of the public who didn’t panic and evacuated as scared as they were.  To everyone who was injured and continue to make their recovery in London.  To those victims who have lost their lives, you’ll never be forgotten.  I won’t say they were in the wrong place at the wrong time because they were just going about their lives in London.

You loopy terrorists may hate us and want to kill us and you might even see us as a nation divided that you can feed off.  No way, we stick together when we need to.  We’re all united against you.