Merry ChristRoss…

You ever get a feeling before a game that this is going to be yours? Everyone else laughs at you.  You just know though.  It’s about time something went your teams way.  And so, onto Hibernian v Aberdeen at Easter Road, seventh December 2019.

One thing that was different on Saturday – I got to my seat at an unprecedented twenty minutes after two.  This rarely happens.  I felt like I’d forgotten to do things.  You know, as you do, you start worrying that you’ve not done things.  I didn’t have my diary and my phone decided to reject 4G (regular occurence these days) so if I had missed anything then tough.

I even had my chips before the match started.  Super organised.  I also had a Roberto Martinez styled dance at a song as well.  Mind when he went to that Jason Derulo concert? I think that’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen a manager do – apart from Stubbs Ice Bucket Challenge of course.

Aberdeen at Easter Road.  Wasn’t looking forward to it, it has to be said, they are a bit of a bogey for us at times.  They’d had Club 2012 at Pittodrie mid-week and managed to drag a draw out of a two-nil lead which 2012 had taken.  Never underestimate the Sheep.  Season after season they challenge Celtic and Club 2012 (previously Rangers) in the top three or four.  They don’t mess about.  They start the season knowing their challenge.  They don’t even consider being less than top six.  Their mentality shows that.  They have faith in Derek.

Hibs never let them in the game.  The first half was probably the biggest chance that Aberdeen had of getting on the board.  Hibs, not shy of a mistake or two, wouldn’t let it happen.  In the second half Hibs shut Easter Road down.  They came out ready to do it.

Thank goodness there isn’t a speed limit in football, Martin Boyle would have broken it on Saturday.  He twists he turns, he confuses as many players as you like and then he just takes off.  His two goals were just beautiful.  Who else was involved? Scott Allan of course.  What a duo.  They were breathless for both goals.  So breathless they were, if I had gone to my doctor he’d have given me a week off sick for a chest infection.

Kamberi, not the most popular player at times, especially during managerial changes, scored the third and sealed it.  Hibs hate a two goal lead, score the third though and it’s ours.  I think that we were sure it was ours before that third.  The feeling was there.  There was a change in the air.  You know when you know that your team won’t lose.  For me, that was there.

Rocky back between the sticks.  Expected a slight rusty return.  He did drop a couple when he could have just held on.  However, he was brilliant, as we all know he is.  Sadly, I don’t think this return to No1 will be enough for him.  He doesn’t deserve to have sat on the bench for the last thirteen or so games.  I have nothing against Maxie, and I’m glad we’ve been able to see him in action.  Our number one is Marciano though.  Maxie can be faulted for not getting a few clean sheets though.  In the same breath, we could have lost one on Saturday and that point would be invalid.  The life of football.  The life of a goalie.

We did have a good game and therefore it might be a bit harsh of Lewis Stevenson to be trying to snap Martin Boyle’s neck here.  Lewis seems to be getting a bit grumpy in his old age…

Bit harsh Lewis!
Photo: Alan Rennie


I always dislike the thought that a manager can have such a negative effect on a squad that they play badly whether they mean it or not.  The last few weeks have seen huge improvement in a few players.  Christian Doidge being the most obvious.  Zero to almost hero.  He didn’t score on Saturday, in fact he had a fairly quiet game in a game where no player played badly.

Heckingbottoms signings had come in for a bit of, well, “narkiness” before he was relieved.  Jason Naismith has come into his own.  What a player.  Hallberg has been steady for a few games now.

Hands held up.  This is a fantastic starting line up and I wouldn’t have had justification for doubting it.  So, I am glad I didn’t aha!

Starting line up
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Every year Hibernian supporters do themselves proud by helping out local charities and those a bit further afield.  Helping Hands foodbank this year saw a phenonmenal amount of bags of food left.  The generosity of our fans know no bounds.

Keep being us.