Vote, vote and vote

So, the day is finally (finally!) here.  General Election Day 2019.  Polls open at 7am and close at 10pm or you might have already voted via postal vote.

However you do it, just vote. 

I’m not writing this to try and tempt you to vote for one party or another because, quite frankly, the only person who can decide who you’ll vote for is you.  Every time there’s an election, general or referendum, then we get this absolute sludge thrown about the place.  “This politician said this” “that politician did that”.  It goes on for weeks, everyone trying to get one up on the others because they’re sure that’ll make you change your mind.

Well, excuse me, we’re not thick.  We are actually capable of reading past the mud and figuring out who we actually want to vote for.  Some people vote for the same party their entire life and others change with each different vote, and that’s entirely okay.

What’s important is that you turn up on election day and exercise your right.  There’s no point in not voting and then complaining about what you get.  If you vote, you might not get what you want, like millions of others, but you used your right to try to change the country and that is to be respected.

Everyone knows the plight of those who fought to assure that the right to vote is ours.  That doesn’t need repeated.  Just use your right and go and vote for whoever you want.  And, if you want to spoil your ballot paper, then that is entirely your right as well.

Happy voting.