Phone batteries

If there’s one thing about the modern mobile phone that really irritates me then it’s got to be the battery life.

Those of us of a certain age will remember the very early style phones with the gigantic battery packs.  Hey, they were funky back then and they were the pre-cursor that iPhone, Samsung or whatever you hold in your hands these days.

Technology moved on.  My first mobile phone was literally that – a phone that was mobile.  I don’t even think that one sent text messages.  It literally was a phone and you didn’t always have it on you, unless you were a yuppy or something.  It was left in the house more often than not.  In those days there were still phone boxes everywhere though and probably still worked out cheaper than using a mobile phone.  No free calls then, I don’t recall the actual pricing but it wasn’t cheap at all.

My second phone did do texts.  They were a limited amount of characters – probably around the same as Twitter is these days – and the phone only stored TEN.  You had to delete them to receive any more.  The screen was small and the texts cost money.  No free texts (or SMS as they were called) back in the day.

The batteries on those phones lasted ages, most likely because they still weren’t used to the degree that phones would be.

Nokia 3310. Don’t fight this brute.

After that phone I got into Nokia phones.  Mostly because they were “MFI – made for idiots” meaning that you could hardly go wrong when using it.  Nokia phones were the toughest phone you’ll ever own.  Epecially the likes of the 3310.  NOTHING could take down a 3310, or many other Nokia’s for that matter.  It also had a game on it.  Snake.  It was starting to become more than a phone, now it was in danger of becoming a games console as well.

Try running the battery down though.  Pfft, not a chance.  A single charge would last about a week.  There was no internet on them so you were still only on it when you needed to make a call or send a text.  Or have a wee game of Snake.  You could safely go away for a couple of days knowing your phone battery wouldn’t die.

Another reason the battery lasted was because people were turning them off at night.  It was a brute of a battery though.  Something I look back on with fondness.

No let’s fast forward to December 2019 and the iPhone 7.  Yes, yes, I am well aware I’m way behind in terms of having the latest iPhone.  In fact, when I got the seven I was quite happy with it and the new phones seemed to come out too quickly, I just wasn’t paying attention.

My seven was everything I needed it to be and, way back then (two years ago) the battery was pretty good.  When I say pretty good I mean that it lasted about a day without needing a charge even when I was using it frequently throughout the day.  I was actually at the stage where I didn’t have a complete meltdown if I left my charger at home.  Freedom!

Although, it wasn’t really because in twenty years we’d gone from having a phone that didn’t need charged for a week to one that didn’t need charged for a day.  However, the technological advances in the mobile phone outweighed the battery time so I suppose it had to be accepted.

Two years old is my seven and it’s in constant use.  I always expected a reduction in battery power because every rechargeable battery won’t last forever so I wasn’t upset when I had to start giving it a boost during the day.  ‘Mon the wee iPhone 7.

However, Tuesday took the absolute biscuit.  For a couple of days before it I’d noticed that as soon as I unplugged my charger from the phone then the battery started dropping dramatically, without me even using the phone.  This annoyed me and I checked the battery health on my phone.  Not the greatest as it is over two years old but not enough that the battery charge should just be ticking down.  It wasn’t even going 100%, 99% etc, it just dropped to something like 52%, ticked down a bit from then, jumped again and so on.

Then the phone rejected a charging cable it has been fine with for a year.  My iPad will happily charge up with it, not the iPhone…oooooh nooooo.  What a snob of a phone.  In saying that, the iPad appears to not want to have anything to do with my iPencil now.  This affects…well, nothing.  I rarely used it.

That was not the worst of it though.  In order to optimise charging I dug out the Lightning Cable.  It’s the last one I’ve got and I tend to not use it because it’s the best one as it’s actually an Apple product.  I used to by el cheapo chargers from anywhere, they only last a literal five minutes though.  I have, in the past, reluctantly given Apple the money for a genuine product because I have needed the product not to fail.  They still fray and stretch and stop working like every other though, just not as quickly.

In order to sway away from where I am going yet again, I have found the shop Flying Tiger to be the sellers of extremely good iPhone/iPad chargers and for a very decent price.  Chargers of different lengths as well.  I have a few and they all work perfectly.  They also sell chargers for other phones and devices as well as many other things.  Easily my favourite shop.

Mobile charging bank – Selfridges

I was using the Lightning Cable to give my phone the best chance of charging at a decent rate and, hopefully that the charge would last.


On Tuesday morning I disconnected my phone from its charger and it read 100% battery life.  That’s a good sign.  I left the house, walked around the corner towards the bus stop and took my phone out my pocket.  It said…7%.  What the actual fuck? I turned it off.  I was that annoyed with it I just though it was useless and turned it off, if it doesn’t want to work then sod it! I won’t use it.

Ten minutes later I turned it on again and it was up at 95%.  This is just sorcery to me.  What was it doing? So, I left the phone on.  I checked it just before I went to my first appointment of the day, down to 12%.  What? I left it, thinking to myself that it wanted to behave like that then SO BE IT!

After the first appointment I spent two hours on a PC doing research (the spacebar of the computer I was using only worked on the left side and I tend to click with my right thumb – grrrr).  I had turned my phone off and on and it was about 42% now.  Before leaving there I plugged it into my portable charger.  It started off fine…

I reached the next building for my next appointment.  By this time the stupid phone had decided it was rejecting the portable charger.  The portable charger had been fully charged itself and it is supposed to give one full charge or several boosts.  I didn’t blame it though.  I blamed the absolute arsehole of a battery inside of my phone.

I googled the issue with my phone thinking it would tell me I MUST get my battery changed or some other such lie and lo and behold – and I never considered this for one moment – a bug from the latest update.  A bug.  A bug to which there are possible answers.

Dare it be true?

Well, for the most part.  I followed the advice in the link at the end of this sentence LINK.

I had about thirty-odd apps open and once I’d got them all shut – ta da! – the charge last a bit longer.

It’s not brilliant and I hope Apple release a bug fix ASAP.

Also, the phone is fine even if the battery is going so I have to face it, I’ll have to get the battery changed soon.  It’s not as simple as sliding off the back of a 3310 and changing the battery, on an iPhone and most others these days, it’s major surgery and I’m not sure I am ready for my faithful phone to go through that yet.