In Lockdown – Coping

As I write this I am sitting watching Contagion on ITV2.  Quite why they’ve decided this should remain on the schedule is beyond.  Though I am watching it and the parallels at the start of the film with what is going on right now are scary.  “Somewhere in the world the wrong pig met up with the wrong bat” is actually a line from the film.

How is everyone coping? This will go out on Friday morning, so by then we’ll have been on soft lockdown since Monday night.  It seems longer, I think.  Although the other way to look at it is we’re just a weekend away from it being one week into the three before it gets reviewed.  Let’s hope that common sense finally shines through and we don’t have to go into a tougher lockdown.

Sadly, there are people out there that just do not get it.  Basically we’re in a situation where the government says we should stay in, only go out if you need food, medicine or exercise.  To me that is pretty simple.  Keyworkers needs to go to work, that’s simple.  Other occupations are either working from home or are being advised from the government to whether they should be open or not and that is taking a little longer, but we’ll get there.

The people who do not get it are doing two things, enhancing the chance of the virus spreading and increasing the chances that we’ll go into further lockdown.  I have a dog and he goes for a walk and all the other dog walkers keep far apart and just shout hello, the same with people just going out for a walk.  Our local playpark is empty, yet the skatepark not so and on Wednesday the police came and cleared it – yet on Thursday there were people there again.  WHY? You are not being asked to never skate in the skatepark again, you are being asked to stay away from it from a very short period of your life.  STOP IT YOU ARE BEING SELFISH.

Anyhoo, the main point of this drivel is to wonder how people are getting on? It’s not easy, believe me, I know.  It’s not easy when the government say you can go out for food but there’s not much in the shops.  This will ease though, thanks to the selfish stockpiling panic buyers the supermarkets were taken by surprise and are slowly getting back to normal, while also protecting their staff and customers.

It’s not easy when you can easy spend all day away from home and now we’re to stay in more than go out.  Again, this won’t last forever.  Absolutely everyone is having to adjust to a new way of life and that includes my parents.

Last week the government asked people over seventy to please stay at home especially if there were underlying conditions and all that.  I know that many did not want to do this, feeling healthy and a bit peeved as being picked on as an age group, there was a bit of defiance.  Both my parents are just under seventy and were annoyed at this.  My mum still works as well so it’s a bit of a taunt to be told you’re the vulnerable age group now, but to work it’s fine.  Her business closed anyway, so did the cafes that they both like to go to.  Uh-oh.

Before Boris’ COBRA meeting at Monday teatime, therefore before lockdown was even announced, my dad had already been restricted from touching electrical equipment.

Normally my dad goes out on a Monday afternoon for a coffee and a browse around a garden centre.  He’s retired so it’s pretty much the law that he does this.  Since they were all shut, he decided to stay at home, promising my mum he would go into the garden and potter.  Instead, he decided to potter about the house.  Spotting that one of my mum craft lamps was slightly wobbly on its base he decided to take it apart.  Then he tried to put it together again, failed and had to put it in the bin.  Moments later he tried to plug his mobile phone in and in doing so he knocked over his own side lamp and smashed the bulb.

Since then he’s been restricted to fixing the kitchen door because it hasn’t shut right for a while and taking the recycling out to the bins.  It’s for the best.  He’s great at DIY but if the electrical equipment in the house if to survive it’s the only way.

One nice thing that’s come of it all is that most of the family are now sending each other jokes and memes through WhatsApp.  It’s keeping us going whether groaning at the sheer badness of the jokes or chuckling because they are funny.

I worried about people with poor mental health.  I really do.  Including myself.  I have a mind that always needs to be busy so I’ve developed a routine by where I work or study during the day and a bit after tea, then it’s time for TV, usually something from BritBox (Keeping Up Appreances for the moment – hilarious) or a quiz.  Then sleep.  I’ve decided that if I need to fall asleep at eight PM, I will, even it means being up at midnight, because then I can have a cuppa and read until I fall asleep again.  Or if I don’t tire until midnight or two AM then that’s fine too.  I’m not going to try and force sleep in anyway.

I’ve also completley cut down on the time I spend watching the news or listening to talk radio, because it’s 24/7 coronavirus.  You could drive yourself nuts.  What I am going now is checking the news in the morning to see what’s been going on in the world, then checking again around the time the PM has been doing his pressers.  That’s really when the new information comes out.  Throughout the day I get pinged headlines but there are only a few I open.  I now value Spotify as something special in my life because I am using it a lot more.  Picking any music I like to get me through the day.

It’s hard and we’ve all had to make adjustments, every single one of us (some are just taking longer).  Every one of us is amazing.  Remember that.