The Queue Issue

Since lockdown started we’ve been asked to queue outside supermarkets so that they can limit how many are in the store at any one time. I completely agree with this and have been observing social distancing.

At first our local Sainsbury’s wasn’t sure how they wanted people to queue so it was a bit of a muddle but very quickly it became that we had to queue around the car park. The entrance/exit at the other side was to be shut until further notice and the two doors still open were to be one to enter and one to exit and the staff would monitor. Easy peasy jam lemon squeezy. Or something similar.

We queued well. I’m not a great shopper at getting all things at the one time. I’m a bit vague and if I don’t need to use something that night to cook then I tend not to buy it, even if I need it the next day. Basically that’s what I’ve been used to and I wouldn’t berate anyone else for doing the same.

Then Monday just gone, well, went. I can’t say my mood has been great of late but I am managing not to kill anyone so I’m using that as a plus. Anyway, I had to go to Sainsbury’s and I was ready for any kind of argument that would come my way.

As I crossed the car park looking for where the line began I realised that there was no line. It was all flowing easily and when I got there, immediately to the front of the line the gent there said to me “just go in”. To which I immediately replied, with humour, “no, don’t rush me, I haven’t even got my trolley.” We both laughed, and you might not have but for me it was funny and shows how life and laughs can change in just a few weeks.

Amazing what becomes the new normal and very quickly. If you’d said, mid to late February, that we’d be queuing up for bread and milk (and toilet rolls) through March and April then you would have been looked at as if an extra head had sprouted from your thumb.

Stay safe and, in light of the last couple of days, stay warm.