A Note to the Selfish People

For this next Lockdown Note I had been going to write about mental health but I’m shunting that a couple of days as I have a few things to read about this current pandemic and mental health and also because something annoyed me and I feel I should write about how selfish some people really are.

I wrote a few weeks ago about selfish shoppers, those who had bought all the toilet roll, hand gel and antiseptic soap. Also eggs for some reason. Those people were really selfish. Sadly, some humans are and they’ll never change.

Others are just…idiotic. I write this because on Sunday I walked past our local skatepark with my faithful-ish dog. It had, yet again, been taped off from by the police. This about the fourth time but could easily have been fifth or sixth as I am not there every day. There were no skaters or acrobats or biker people there.

Monday afternoon. Again out with the totally unfaithful dog. The police tape had been ripped aside and it was full.

I got annoyed. The children’s play park directly next door to this skatepark has been closed off since lockdown. The red signs went up, the gates were locked and I have never seen one child in there since then and no one I have spoken to has either. The gates are about waist high to an adult so there was the opportunity there for parents to lift their children over and climb over but it’s not happened. It’s really been well adhered to.

Not the idiots that use the skatepark nor the outdoor gym equipment. How difficult is it? I see people using the swing bars (our outdoor gym has two parts – one central bit the bike and similar and then the bars and benches dotted around the park). All have the red signs on them. You can’t miss them. With half the park closed it’s not even really a surprise.

On Monday afternoon the skatepark had been relieved of its police tape again and idiots were in there. Fathers with their children. Adults who should know better. You know who I mean.

I was watching them because Marly was faffing about and it suddenly occurred to me how selfish I found those people. How completely and utter selfish.

We’ve got people who haven’t seen their families for weeks, their parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, grandchildren. We’ve got nurses, doctors and carers who have moved out of their family homes to live in hotels provided or, in the case of private care homes, on site. They’ve done this to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 in many ways. To or from their families, or to keep it amongst an area that does have it.

These people are the humans amongst us and I now find the idiots that think the have the right to tear down any tape, never mind the police, saying that they have the right to be there. You don’t have the right to do that. Why should you be allowed to do what you want when so many hundreds of thousands of others are taking a step back in order to protect us all.

In the skatepark about ten fell off his bike and really hurt his foot. He was in agony and I didn’t know if he was with anyone so I kind of lingered with Marly in case he needed help. Minutes passed as he rolled about with a sore foot then his dad appeared. He’d been powering about in the skatepark and hadn’t noticed. He got off and headed to his son but it turned out to be a slight knock.

What if it hadn’t been? What if it had been a broken foot? In a place that was meant to be shut but his dad decided it was okay to take him there. Dad’s fault. The signs are there. The tape is there.

Scenario: He’s fallen and it’s a broken foot. I dash over because no one else seems to be there. I phone 999 and then his dad appears, he holds his son and takes my phone to continue the conversation with 999 about medications his son can and cannot have. He hands me the phone back. His son is in agony and he holds him again. Someone offers him some water from a home bottle for his son. He takes it. His son is shaking from shock and someone else offers a jacket to keep him warm. He takes it. The ambulance arrives onto the skatepark. Other skaters are there who shouldn’t be and they are gathered around.

Everyone who is helping the injured boy in this scenario is doing what humans do, they help and they’ve been put in this situation because of selfish people ignoring simple instruction. The boy isn’t to blame for the spread of the virus, neither are the people who tried to help – his father is. For taking him there in the first place.

The government and the councils haven’t closed things to annoy people, they’ve done it to protect people.

Stop doing it and start thinking of other people. If you think you have the right to dash about on a skateboard then think about the people who have a right to see their grandchildren but aren’t doing it because we’re been asked not to in a effort to help saves lives during the pandemic.

In a quick sentence – STOP BEING SELFISH.