Death by Black Bean Sauce

My hairdresser emailed me (and all the other customers, I assume) last week to give the good news that she has an opening date, though provisional, and that they were currently making the appropriate changes to salon so that they are able to open with social distancing in operation.  I don’t think I have ever been so happy to receive an email in my life. At least in this current part of my life.

The lovely lady said that customers who had previously been booked in would have priority for the first appointments (I had cancelled one just before lockdown) but did I want to go on the waiting list and to text her if I did.  I nearly broke my fingers texting her to say YES PLEASE!

I’ve mentioned in another blog that I’m missing the libraries being open and I still am, really am.  I was asked on Saturday how many books I have read this year.  I had thought thirty but then I counted them up and it’s over fifty and that’s just fiction books.  I haven’t counted the non-fiction yet but I could easily add on another ten or fifteen to the total.  Reading is such a big thing for me.  A little part of me is feeling annoyed because the libraries remain shut and there seems to be no thought about opening them.  It irks when I walked past our local skate park and outdoor gym today and both were very busy, despite still being officially closed by the local council.

The other day I text the group chat (me and two pals) to say that regardless of anyones diets or weightloss, we are going to a Chinese buffet for our first lunch together once the restaurants are allowed open again.  I have also since admitted to them that I’ll be face-planting the buffet once I get there and just eating like a pig from a trough.  I won’t need a plate or cutlery and I’ll probably die a happy death by drowning in the beef in black bean sauce.

Let’s face it, I could have ordered from any Chinese (that was open) and feasted but I wouldn’t have known what to order.  With buffet I can just go mental and eat to my own merriment.  I possibly might feel ill for days after stuffing myself but I’m willing to do this.  I’m doing it for the cause, well two.  One, getting the economy going again (!) and two, just for my own greediness.

I’m sure that there are many people out there who are missing things like crazy.  Please share if you are.  Fast food junkied need not reply, you’re in your element just now.

I mean, let’s face it, thank the stars that the supermarkets continued to sell alcohol and that off-licences were deemed “essential”.  Thanks to alcohol I can look in the mirror and think that my eyebrows still look amazing, nothing like the sprouting brushes that they are when I’m sober.

I have resisted plucking with tweezers.  If I’m going to do that I might as well just shave them from the get go because that’s where it’ll end up and we all know it.  Then felt tip them in.  With a Sharpie.