Trying to Make Sense of Things – Part 2: Katie Hopkins

And so in this second part I don’t try to make sense of Katie Hopkins – no one could really but this is about her comments and Twitters decision to ban her forever.

Katie Hopkins

A lot of people think that Katie Hopkins says what needs to be said and they think she is the messiah for saying what she does.

She’s not.  She’s one horrific individual who has always seeked to offend and divide with almost everything she has ever said.  Her entire reason to be was to decide that she was above everyone else.  Yet, she isn’t.

She had a father who was an electrical engineer and her mother was a bank teller.  Absolutely nothing wrong with that. This is just to remind everyone (and her) that she is just like you and I.  She had ideas in her head that she would be a senior army officer, again, nothing wrong with that.  She had ambition in her life but ended up a train wreck.

Katie was working for the Met Office before her appearance on the Apprentice and her job with them didn’t last long afterwards thanks to her views.

Her views have been the result of her down fall and always have been.  The woman thought that elevated followers on Twitter would do for her and it didn’t.  She had 1.1 million followers when she was removed from the platform, many thanks to her idiotic rants about children getting free lunch vouchers during the summer holidays this year.

I don’t think Katie realised that there’s a bit of a pandemic going on that has cost thousands of people to lose their jobs.  People who were in jobs that would be considered safe in January were unemployed just weeks later.

School meal vouchers are not normally available during holidays and that was how it was until Marcus Rashford helped to change the governments mind about it and they announced that school meal vouchers would be available over the summer holidays.  It was the right decision in the end given the situation that so many people now find themselves in.

Katie’s reaction to that was go on a Twitter tirade saying if people couldn’t afford to feed children then they shouldn’t have them, that was the main point of it.  Well, I don’t think Mr and Mrs Smith decided to have a baby eight years ago knowing that a pandemic would be in place eight years later and they would lose their jobs or part of their income.  I don’t imagine they planned to be in the position where they would have to hope the government would be able to help them out just so their child could eat.

It’s not entirely clear which post, or which collection of posts, signalled the Twitter demise of Katie Hopkins but she is permanently suspended she will not be returning, unless under a false name.

We are talking about a woman who berated people in debt, then fell into debt herself, had to sell her house and started a crowd-fund appeal for herself.

A woman who said she couldn’t stand children being named after place names but has a daughter called India.

I’d say that it’s her attitude more than her views at times because she doesn’t seem to ever be able to understand that she sometimes is completely and utterly wrong.  She never understands how the comments and insinuations that she blethers are derogatory to people who are really so much better than her.  Not in terms of wealth but in terms of humanity.  Maybe that’s her personality.

Then we get to the people who say that she has a right to free speech.  Yes, she does, she’s very lucky to live in a country that has free speech.  What a lot of people don’t understand about free speech is that while you have the right to say it, you still can breach rules and be “punished” for it.  Not the type of punishment that has people break into your house during the night to drag you off never to be seen again.  No.  The type of punishment that Twitter is allowed to dole out in the suspension for ever of your account.  Why? Because it’s a private platform which has a set of rules to which people using that platform have to adhere to or that platform can choose to remove them or not.  It’s not a punishment, it’s the result of being a complete thicko.  She had no idea where to draw the line.  We all have to draw the line somewhere.

However, there is the thought that removing Katie from Twitter just forces her elsewhere that isn’t so transparent to everyone, to a place where her followers and commenters will only be people who support her and make her think she’s this person who can be abusive to people without reproach, and there are many platforms for that.

We have to think about this.  At least when she was on Twitter she was visible and everyone knew the bile she was spilling.

I don’t pretend to understand how a woman, anyone, could be as vile as Katie Hopkins is but, I have to wonder, isn’t it the case that if we push here away from the mainstream then we lose track of her?  And that is not something any right thinking person would want.