The Positive Power of a Haircut

Sometimes you don’t realise you are down until something shakes you and makes you realise that you are slipping down the slope, but brings you back up again.

Just under a fortnight ago my hair really started getting on my nerves. It wasn’t sitting right, it was so frizzy and tuggy all the time. I didn’t like the style any more. Longer at the front and shorter at the back.

I much prefered the style I was used to, feathered around the front and layered. I wanted that back. So, I went onto the website of my most favourite salon and booked an appointment with one of the stylists. She had cut my hair before and I knew I had been really happy with it. I don’t have a regular stylist there so I decided that, let’s call her E, was the one.

It was a nine-thirty appointment on a Monday morning. The salon is beautifully within walking distance, I headed down the road in plenty of time for the appointment.

Now, if you aren’t familiar with any of my hairdressing woes then know this. The weather is always bad when I get my hair cut. It doesn’t matter what season it is, where about it is or who cuts it. It will always rain, be curl-inducing humid or sweaty-Betty. Always. No exceptions.

Monday was no exception. As I walked into the salon the grey wisps of fog lowered down. There was going to be a misty rain and therefore FRIZZ!

Anyway, for an hour I sat in the chair and chatted with E about this, that and the next thing. My hair was being beautifully reshaped. Although, sometimes, when you’re getting your hair cut you look at it and think that it won’t turn out like you want.

That’s because your hairdresser hasn’t worked her magic yet. She’s doing the length and shape. She’ll dry it, cut into it, straighten and/or curl it.

E asked me if I wanted a curl and I said YES! And it was amazing. Done with straighteners.

I left the salon last Monday feeling amazing, beautiful. My mental health was better because we’d chatted away for an hour about kids and Christmas and bargain prices for things. Many other things too.

Too many things have been forgotten in this “pandemic”. Go to your hairdresser, be made to feel amazing. You need it and you shouldn’t worry about it. Salons have social distancing measures in place, they can add more if you need it.

I hadn’t realised how low I was until I went to the hairdresser and came out feeling amazing.

Boost yourself. Glam yourself. Don’t hide. Be yourself.