The Ugly Game

Ah, the beautiful game of football. It thrills us with its highs and disappoints us with its lows. None moreso than the current mess – the announcement of a European Super League.

If you’re not sure exactly what this is then here it is put in simple terms – it’s a money grab by twelve of the so-called biggest teams in Europe, six of them coming from England’s Premier League. Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man United, Man City and Tottenham.

It’s an absolute disgrace that these six teams have done this, although, it is important to remember that this hasn’t actually come from the team as such, but from the money-grabbing owners, five of which have nothing to do with the United Kingdom and the other was born here but wouldn’t know his way to the now boringly named, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

We all know that every football club in the country needs money one way or the other. To put the lights on, to pay the groundskeeper or, at the top end, to pay excessive wages to players who are being shafted like everyone else.

It disturbs me that clubs like mine, Liverpool, who were built from the ground up by the working class people in Liverpool, have stooped this low. Of course, Fenway Sports Group (FSG) don’t give a single thought to the millions of people who have supported Liverpool since 1892. Not just those in Liverpool and across the UK but those who support from afar, whether they moved from Liverpool or have just been so impressed with Liverpool for years and ended up supporting them. Every single one of us has been disregarded by the owners as insignificant.

Every single fan who ever support these six clubs has been disregarded by these owners as insignificant. It’s disgusting.

The money these fans spend on their clubs. The season tickets, the merchandise, the travelling, the snacks, the nights out, the sponsoring. Hard earned money gained after serious graft. Completely disregarded.

These multi-millioniare owners didn’t even consider asking the fans their opinions. Why? Because the fans would have said no and that doesn’t go with their absolute need for greed, for more of the green stuff. It doesn’t go with idea of theirs that these six teams are the elite of British football and so therefore should play at a so-called higher level.

All of this season we have all been locked out of our stadiums because of the Coronavirus pandemic and at every televised game the commentators, the players and the managers will tell the cameras that football is badly missing the supporters. Not just for the money, but for the atmosphere in the stadiums. At press conferences it will be said that supporters are needed back. Everyone says it, everyone knows it. Sunday’s semi-final at Wembley had four thousand “neutral” supporters there and it was a joy to see people there, animated by the play, cheering (from behind masks) and supporting.

In the end, it’s going to have to be the fans that stop this European Super League nonsense. Who wants a league only one person can win? What happens if there becomes a dominant team or two and no one else gets a bite at the cherry? The fans have to let their voices be heard hear. This super league will ruin the game.

The fans make the game though. Our voices will be heard.