The Way of All Flesh

The Way of All Flesh by Ambrose Parry

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have written about James Young Simpson in the past, his work intrigues me. The part of his name “Young” has no other significance but that he was young in his work and people added it in.

I didn’t know about these fiction books until walking my dog with a woman who I meet with regularly who walks hers. During a conversation about what we liked and didn’t, she mentioned this book. Given my liking to all things Victorian and all things fiction, I was intrigued.

‘You won’t remember the name Ambrose Parry before you get home!’ She called after me.

I did. Mostly because I put it into my phones search engine the minute she was out of sight! Ha!

Intrigued as I was, I was happy to find The Way of All Flesh for hire on the Libby library app. I downloaded it and started reading it immediately.

I couldn’t put it down. It’s enchanting.

Sarah, the housemaid, aspires to more and Will Raven appears in her life at the right time. He’s downtrodden, luck not on his side, but he is determined to do right by Evie.

Evie is the prostitute he may have fallen for but she is dead and he doesn’t stick around to find out much more. Until his guilt gets the better of him and other women are found dead in much the same way Evie was.

Sarah is irked by her lot in life. She’s intelligent but is always told that she is a housemaid and to strive for more is to be married and have children. This is compounded by James Young Simpson’s sister-in-law, Mina, who is starting to run out of time, in her mind, to find a man.

Together Raven and Sarah set out to solve the murders. They fight against the conventions of the time, but use the lack of belief in women to help them. Sarah is fiesty, she won’t be beaten.

Their road isn’t easy, Raven is being chased by debtors who want more than just money from him. Sarah senses all is not right in his world but she must keep her world calm or face being tossed into the road.

Mina has found a new suitor and she is in love with him…does he feel the same?

This book has everything going on and the best thing about it is most of it is based around fact. It’s beautiful to read. My favourite part is when Raven is at the university and notes the dead rabbits. You’ll have to read more to understand that though.

Bravo Ambrose Parry.

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