*Before anyone goes any further.  I SELF EDIT this site.  This means I don’t alway pick up on grammar or spelling errors straight away.  Please feel free to help me with this.  Acknowledgements will be made.*

Hello! Welcome to my website.  About me; my interests are, above all, football.  Second to that is news, all kinds but generally focus on local news and foreign news.  Supporter of the Armed Forces and charities that support them and veterans.  Mental health and anxiety issues are close to my heart.

I’m a huge fan of Hibernian Football Club.  They drive me barmy but I love them – pride and pain in equal measures.  If I look like I’m in a day dream then I’m likely thinking about Hibs.

I also support Liverpool Football Club.  I really am a glutton for punishment.

Instagram: @gemsalexfox

Facebook: @gemmaisonline

Twitter: @Gems_Fox

This blog could actually contain anything from a serious blog on a world news story or a mental health issue to a YouTube video of a song I like just now to writing about Hibs and other football.   It really is a bit of anything and everything.

I also like wearing hoodies.

Note: Articles appearing on this website may have been published here at a later date than their originals but are still the property of Gemma.

Note: All articles are property of the owner unless otherwise stated.  Contact the owner if you wish to use articles or pictures from this site.

Note: Anything on this site that is uncredited and you believe it to belong to you then please get in touch with proof and you’ll be credited accordingly.

5 thoughts on “Gemma

  1. Hi Gemma, as a fellow Edinburgh-based blog writer, I’d like to invite you to a special event just for Edinburgh bloggers put on by Hidden Door Festival – a nine day transformation of a ‘Secret Courtyard’ near the Grassmarket into a temporary home for cinema, music, theatre, art, readings, street food and pop-up bars. Would you mind please contacting me with your email so I can be sure you receive an invite? Thanks.

  2. Dear Gemma
    I have written a small book (for Kindle) and as an old ex soldier I would like to use your ‘Poppy-field-2 as a page of remembrance.

    Obviously it will refer to you.


    1. Hi, I have no objections but could you send me a link to the picture you wish to use so I can be sure which it is. Thanks.

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