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Football fan absolutely daft on Hibernian and Liverpool and big fan of Barcelona. Love writing about football but also many other topics as well. Local news, world wide news and write opinion articles as well. Live and love life. :)

Living on my own: Lost fork

As everyone knows, I live on my own.  Kind of the point of this part of my blog haha! Many thinks baffle me about living in my own.  I’m convinced that a ghost lives here, that being Jimmy, the previous occupant.  He does various things like hiding my slippers and things like that. What is…

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Talk about Mental Health

The next time you hear or read someone say ‘Are you mentally ill?’ in a derogatory tone then that might be a good time to remind them that absolutely everyone has mental health.  The only difference is that some people have good mental health and some people have bad mental health.  It only takes one…

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Mind the Canyon

There’s something I have been meaning to do in the last twenty-four hours…oh yes, that’s it…LAUGH! Laugh at Craig Levein and his ridiculous “natural order” comments.  Laugh at him for just being HIM! Despite Hearts putting us out the Scottish Cup earlier in the year (you’d think they’d won the Champions League) we still have…

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Bus wankers!

Ever heard the term “bus wanker”? It was a phrase coined on the brilliant Channel 4 show “The Inbetweeners” and basically relates to someone who takes the bus. Well, I am a bus wanker.  Fully paid up to Lothian Buses with my Ridacard, I take, usually, about four buses a day, sometimes more so I…

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