Phone batteries

If there's one thing about the modern mobile phone that really irritates me then it's got to be the battery life. Those of us of a certain age will remember the very early style phones with the gigantic battery packs.  Hey, they were funky back then and they were the pre-cursor that iPhone, Samsung or … Continue reading Phone batteries

Vote, vote and vote

So, the day is finally (finally!) here.  General Election Day 2019.  Polls open at 7am and close at 10pm or you might have already voted via postal vote. However you do it, just vote.  I'm not writing this to try and tempt you to vote for one party or another because, quite frankly, the only … Continue reading Vote, vote and vote

Merry ChristRoss…

You ever get a feeling before a game that this is going to be yours? Everyone else laughs at you.  You just know though.  It's about time something went your teams way.  And so, onto Hibernian v Aberdeen at Easter Road, seventh December 2019. One thing that was different on Saturday - I got to … Continue reading Merry ChristRoss…

Dopey terrorists v the people who won’t let you cower us

When will they learn? Those words aren't meant for politicians in this time of a general election, they're meant for those who seek to try, still, to make us scared.  Don't they realise they are not having that effect? It was shown on the afternoon of 29th November, when, for the second in two years, … Continue reading Dopey terrorists v the people who won’t let you cower us

Bit of a round up

Anyone else make phone calls on speaker phone but sometimes forget they're on speaker phone and a bit of a fart or something? Hope so.  I don't think the person on the other end heard...was a professional call as well.  Maybe they were just being polite. Christmas Dinner Absolutely my most favourite thing about … Continue reading Bit of a round up

And so it goes on…Heckingbottom lingers

Well, can't keep writing it.  We're terrible and Heckingbottom has to go.  It's difficult to think of anything else to say because this has been the case for weeks now. Wednesday night was a little bit different because we went down two goals and actually managed to get a point out of the whole sorry … Continue reading And so it goes on…Heckingbottom lingers

It wasn’t the firefighters, it was the cladding – Grenfell

Do you ever just read something and think maybe you've lost the ability to process and what you're reading is complete nonsense? On Tuesday I was a bit out of the loop for most of the day so it didn't come to my attention until about half four in the afternoon that some of the … Continue reading It wasn’t the firefighters, it was the cladding – Grenfell

Self service – we still need a human

Since 1967 we've quite often got our money from the Automated Teller Machine (ATM).  A very convenient way of getting money out of our bank without having to step inside a bank and stand in a queue.  Not that I was around in 1967 to experience as a new concept back then.  I can imagine … Continue reading Self service – we still need a human