In Lockdown – Coping

As I write this I am sitting watching Contagion on ITV2.  Quite why they've decided this should remain on the schedule is beyond.  Though I am watching it and the parallels at the start of the film with what is going on right now are scary.  "Somewhere in the world the wrong pig met up … Continue reading In Lockdown – Coping

Don’t forget the other coronoviruses

Being a member of a few social media sites I am noticing that people on Facebook are really freaking out about coronavirus.  Now, I'm not saying don't be alarmed by it, I'm just saying, step back, take a deep breath and try to think about how things really are. The population of the United Kingdom … Continue reading Don’t forget the other coronoviruses

Selfish in Covid-19

I'm considering not picking up The Dugs toilet during this pandemic of Covid-19, firstly known as coronavirus.  There's a good reason for this that has nothing to do with laziness, because I do believe that we should bag and bin it.  Hence the reason my dog-walking jacket has an entire pocket full of little black … Continue reading Selfish in Covid-19

Be Kind – it’s all anyone asks

It's hard to know what goes through the mind of someone who is about to commit suicide.  My GAD sometimes makes me think about it.  Would life be easier if I just ended it? Of course it would be easier for me.  It wouldn't be easier for anyone else.  Yet, I know one thing and … Continue reading Be Kind – it’s all anyone asks

This and that

Site Stuff I was flitting about the site the other night and I realised that I don't write as often as I would like.  I have said this many times over the last nine years (yes, nine) and it gets on my nerves that I don't write as often as I would like.  It's ridiculous … Continue reading This and that

Talk about Mental Health

The next time you hear or read someone say 'Are you mentally ill?' in a derogatory tone then that might be a good time to remind them that absolutely everyone has mental health.  The only difference is that some people have good mental health and some people have bad mental health.  It only takes one … Continue reading Talk about Mental Health

ER helps me again, we showed Red to racism but we needed to show Reds no respect

I'd like to start this blog off on a personal note. Many people know that Easter Road is a special place for me.  It's the one place on this Earth where I feel most at ease.  When I go to ER nothing else matters, just what the team are doing on the pitch.  Easter Road … Continue reading ER helps me again, we showed Red to racism but we needed to show Reds no respect

Anxiety doesn’t always run your life

I haven't written much about my Anxiety of late and this is because, strangely, it's not been a big part of my life lately. It seems strange saying that after nearly two years of it ruling my life but that's where I am at the moment.  I think about it a lot but it doesn't … Continue reading Anxiety doesn’t always run your life