G4S – proving why our Armed Forces are the best

British soldiers in Afghanistan - ISAFMediaAnother day, another mess by G4S.  Not only have 3,500 of our British Armed Forces already been drafted in to replace the non-existent security guards that G4S were supposed to supply for the Olympics, now we learn that 2,000 more are on standby as it seems the G4S is going … Continue reading G4S – proving why our Armed Forces are the best


Armed Forces Day Edinburgh 2012

It arrived! Yesterday was the day that we'd been waiting on, it was, of course Armed Forces Day!Across the country yesterday there were several events, some themed like the 1940's Day in Halifax and some just a simple show of thanks and support like here in Edinburgh.I've been looking forward to Armed Forces Day, some … Continue reading Armed Forces Day Edinburgh 2012

Independence. Humour and defence.

The correct reaction to a Tunnock's TeaCakeThere's a dangerous feeling out there.  A feeling that everything is going to change, that nothing will ever be the same.  The feeling, backed up by evidence, that if the SNP wins the referendum humour will cease to exist in the new country of Independent Scotland But Still Loyal … Continue reading Independence. Humour and defence.

Armed Forces Day – Show Your Support – Edinburgh 2012

Across the country on June the 30th (and on surrounding dates) there will be a variety of events celebrating and supporting the British Armed Forces.  The National Event this year will be held in Plymouth , centred around Plymouth Hoe on the 30th of June but with a variety of events taking place between the … Continue reading Armed Forces Day – Show Your Support – Edinburgh 2012