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Bus wankers!

Ever heard the term “bus wanker”? It was a phrase coined on the brilliant Channel 4 show “The Inbetweeners” and basically relates to someone who takes the bus. Well, I am a bus wanker.  Fully paid up to Lothian Buses with my Ridacard, I take, usually, about four buses a day, sometimes more so I…

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I’m baaaaaaack

Good day/evening, dear reader. I came on here tonight to check the site was OK and I saw that I haven’t blogged about anything since November the 7th! Now, there are some who would class that as a good thing but, I’m assured, there are others who have missed my ramblings on Hibs or anything…

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United as One

Dear Radicalised Nutters, I’ve just finished watching the concert organised by Ariana Grande.  It was called One Love Manchester.  It was fabulous.  It sent a message out, something you won’t understand. As you well know, 22 people, mostly young people, died when one of your ilk decided to detonate himself after an Ariana Grande concert…

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