The Ugly Game

Ah, the beautiful game of football. It thrills us with its highs and disappoints us with its lows. None moreso than the current mess - the announcement of a European Super League. If you're not sure exactly what this is then here it is put in simple terms - it's a money grab by twelve … Continue reading The Ugly Game

Hermit Life

Every few months I realise I haven't written here for a while and it annoys me. Still, there's no point in making promises to write every few days because life just doesn't happen like that. Unless you are a professional blogger that is. Then the priortity is to write often. Here I find myself completely … Continue reading Hermit Life

The Uplifting Power of a Stranger

Here we are in the Christmas season. It has, in a way, been a struggle to get here. Now we are it seems that the politicians can't decide how we should spend Christmas because of Covid-19. I believe that no one is waiting on the politicians making any decisions and I think that people have … Continue reading The Uplifting Power of a Stranger

It’s Sort of Looking a Bit Like Christmas

It's been a heck of a year, not in a good way. We've been locked down, locked out, stuck without being to visit friends and family if they're not within a certain bubble. People have died, people have suffered. COVID-19 has not been good to anyone in any way. Back in March most of the … Continue reading It’s Sort of Looking a Bit Like Christmas

Scottish Government Fails Exams

In March of this year the Deputy First Minister/Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills, John Swinney, swung the axe and put paid to the sitting of exams in Scotland for the year.  Back then it would be fair to assume that many thought that the lock down and the closure of schools would be a … Continue reading Scottish Government Fails Exams

Blind Leading the Blind

I think there comes a point when you pretty much realise that you are completely ready for lockdown to be over and are ready to return to work and some sort of normality. My point of realisation was last week when I was stood in the bedroom with the window blind wrapped around my head.  … Continue reading Blind Leading the Blind