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Mind the Canyon

There’s something I have been meaning to do in the last twenty-four hours…oh yes, that’s it…LAUGH! Laugh at Craig Levein and his ridiculous “natural order” comments.  Laugh at him for just being HIM! Despite Hearts putting us out the Scottish Cup earlier in the year (you’d think they’d won the Champions League) we still have…

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Mind the Gap….Again!

Hiya Hibees! How are you all? You should be bloody dancing.  I am.  Well, I was until the old, dodgy knee gave up.  As it does. Saturday 17th of February 2018.  Hibernian v Aberdeen.  I wasn’t sure about this fixture.  It could be a win or it could be an absolute embarrassment.  I was leaning…

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Mind the Gap

It’s been a couple of good weeks for us Hibby’s hasn’t it? We were going to get stuffed by the so called “big” team. Big at talking absolute guff maybe. Didi I believe we could hold onto a one-nil lead for 87 minutes? Nope.  Glad to have been proven wrong though.  Absolutely delighted.  Was I…

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