In Lockdown – Coping

As I write this I am sitting watching Contagion on ITV2.  Quite why they've decided this should remain on the schedule is beyond.  Though I am watching it and the parallels at the start of the film with what is going on right now are scary.  "Somewhere in the world the wrong pig met up … Continue reading In Lockdown – Coping

Don’t forget the other coronoviruses

Being a member of a few social media sites I am noticing that people on Facebook are really freaking out about coronavirus.  Now, I'm not saying don't be alarmed by it, I'm just saying, step back, take a deep breath and try to think about how things really are. The population of the United Kingdom … Continue reading Don’t forget the other coronoviruses

Selfish in Covid-19

I'm considering not picking up The Dugs toilet during this pandemic of Covid-19, firstly known as coronavirus.  There's a good reason for this that has nothing to do with laziness, because I do believe that we should bag and bin it.  Hence the reason my dog-walking jacket has an entire pocket full of little black … Continue reading Selfish in Covid-19

Can’t win a derby if our team is too soft

Last week I was annoyed with the SFA for the possible postponement of the derby if there had to be a replay of the Scottish Cup match between Hearts and Club 2012.   Then coronavirus started appearing and I imagined the derby either getting played behind closed doors or postponed.  All I wanted was for this … Continue reading Can’t win a derby if our team is too soft

Do you sneeze in your sleep?

Welcome back reader, here is the next installment in what strange things go through my brain when I am trying to sleep. You'll remember, if it didn't make you catatonic, a post I wrote a few weeks ago about canals and why don't they flood, which resulted in some decent knowledge, for me anyway, about … Continue reading Do you sneeze in your sleep?

Be Kind – it’s all anyone asks

It's hard to know what goes through the mind of someone who is about to commit suicide.  My GAD sometimes makes me think about it.  Would life be easier if I just ended it? Of course it would be easier for me.  It wouldn't be easier for anyone else.  Yet, I know one thing and … Continue reading Be Kind – it’s all anyone asks

Why don’t canals flood?

Where the heck has January gone? It's supposed to last about 3,000 days after the excitement of Christmas and New Year, this January has just zoomed by.  Whoosh. It came to my attention the other day that the last thing I rattled on about was phone batteries and that was away back in December, the … Continue reading Why don’t canals flood?

Merry ChristRoss…

You ever get a feeling before a game that this is going to be yours? Everyone else laughs at you.  You just know though.  It's about time something went your teams way.  And so, onto Hibernian v Aberdeen at Easter Road, seventh December 2019. One thing that was different on Saturday - I got to … Continue reading Merry ChristRoss…