Raising money for Daniela

Today (1/6/2013)  I attended the funeral of a  friend, Daniela.

Although not in touch with Daniela in recent years we were great pals in times gone by.  We watched a TV programme called Dogtanian as kids as we loved it.  Many an hour spent watching it.

With other friends we spent hours making up dance routines in our back gardens and at school a big memory is the hours spent trying to fly.  Our coats, bought to keep us warm in the school playground, were much better used by being taken off and then fastened around our necks by the top button therefore turning the coat into something of a cape which would hopefully fill with wind as we dashed across the playground.  Our hope? Flight.  Was it ever achieved? That depends on your perception of achieved.  If having to be scraped off the school fence by a teacher because the wind did indeed catch us, but not in the way we wanted, can be described as “flight” then we achieved our goal.  Otherwise, we still have the dream…

You shouldn’t be burying friends at my age, 34, that’s supposed to be for people much older.

The day has been sad, very sad.  Out of sadness much comes some good.  Once the tears are shed, the memories shared, you have to carry on but my friends and I don’t think that gone is forgotten.  In Daniela’s work she helped many people who were recovering from stroke and other illness and we wanted to raise money in the field.  Daniela’s mum suggested Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland and Lyndsay has started a Just Giving page to raise some money for them in memory of Daniela.

You don’t have to donate, and we’re not climbing up buildings or abseiling off bridges or running marathons to raise money, this is a tribute to Daniela, the money gifted in her name.  If you have a few pennies and you wanted to donate please do here in memory of Daniela.

She was a wonderful person who left many people with many beautiful memories.

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