Hermit Life

Every few months I realise I haven't written here for a while and it annoys me. Still, there's no point in making promises to write every few days because life just doesn't happen like that. Unless you are a professional blogger that is. Then the priortity is to write often. Here I find myself completely … Continue reading Hermit Life

Put the singing section back in the east where they belong

There's a lot that can be said about Saturday's Scottish Cup tie between Hibernian and Celtic at Easter Road.  A lot of them not good.  I'm not talking about the match either.  About that, I thought Hibs were really good in the first half, it was competitive.  Second half went a bit awry.  Rare service … Continue reading Put the singing section back in the east where they belong


I am not going to rant here. I haven't written a blog about Hibernian for a little while, so I'm not going to write one that is a complete moan about the beloved Cabbage. However, things are not great, I don't think anyone would deny that. Yes, there are people who will say "just get … Continue reading Hibernian

I’m baaaaaaack

Good day/evening, dear reader. I came on here tonight to check the site was OK and I saw that I haven't blogged about anything since November the 7th! Now, there are some who would class that as a good thing but, I'm assured, there are others who have missed my ramblings on Hibs or anything … Continue reading I’m baaaaaaack

When Exuberance Won…

Sigh.  Another day and another "woe is me" statement from Ibrox.  Poor old (new) Rangers.  What on earth did they do to deserve such a tough run of luck? No one there can understand it.  They got beaten in the Scottish Cup Final on May 21st when it was their right to win it.  Every … Continue reading When Exuberance Won…

Heatwave at Easter Road

I write this blog slouched on the sofa after another week on the rollercoaster that belongs to Hibernian.  I didn't go over to Fife on Wednesday as I was under the weather but I kept track of the game on Twitter and the radio.  To be fair, I wasn't exactly unsurprised by the result because … Continue reading Heatwave at Easter Road

Eva Carneiro: Mourinho should say he was wrong

Let me just start by saying that I like Jose Mourinho, there are times he does foolish things that are cringeworthy at best.  However, when he's not playing the sulky, picked on manager during press conferences he's actually a nice and genuine guy. He is fond of saying that the press always want to talk … Continue reading Eva Carneiro: Mourinho should say he was wrong

Hibernian: no shame in Ibrox defeat

The draw was made.  Hibs were to face Rangers in the first round of the Petrofac Training Cup. Petrofac, Shake 'n' Vac, what the feck, (Ramsden's was easier) the cup is nice to win but if you go out of it early doors you can't really be disappointed.  Staying in just means more games to … Continue reading Hibernian: no shame in Ibrox defeat