The time is now

I don't know whether to be hot or cold.  A week or so ago I was melting around the house in shorts and a vest top.  Now it's the complete opposite, I'm freezing.  The bedroom window is closed at night, the extra blanket is on the bed.  It's like winter came in a week.  This … Continue reading The time is now

Leading up to Christmas

Ah, it's that time of year.  Yes, it's December, it's the month where the temperature drops, really drops.  It's the month which entertains Christmas and the annual emptying of the bank account. Years ago, I used to buy for everyone and theirs.  Even their pets.  Then I realised that this was costing an extraordinary amount … Continue reading Leading up to Christmas

What is normal?

What is normal? I'm not sure but if there is such a thing then I have to imagine that anyone who doesn't fall into that category is unique and that is much better than being normal. Normal is something created by those who don't wish to believe there is a problem. So if you say … Continue reading What is normal?

Ankle broken? Fine. Mind broken? Does not compute.

Over recent weeks I've had to come to terms with the fact that I have a mental health condition.  It started off as anxiety but it has worked its way into that plus depression.  It's not great.  One sets off the other, all the time. I feel anxious about a situation which leads me to … Continue reading Ankle broken? Fine. Mind broken? Does not compute.

The importance of appearances

While this experiment is not 100% validated this is a powerful example here of the so called importance of appearance.  The first time the actor collapses with illness he is dressed as if he were homeless, although to me it's not the attire of someone who is homeless, more casual dress.  Still, he is ignored … Continue reading The importance of appearances