Bit of a round up

Anyone else make phone calls on speaker phone but sometimes forget they're on speaker phone and a bit of a fart or something? Hope so.  I don't think the person on the other end heard...was a professional call as well.  Maybe they were just being polite. Christmas Dinner Absolutely my most favourite thing about … Continue reading Bit of a round up

And so it goes on…Heckingbottom lingers

Well, can't keep writing it.  We're terrible and Heckingbottom has to go.  It's difficult to think of anything else to say because this has been the case for weeks now. Wednesday night was a little bit different because we went down two goals and actually managed to get a point out of the whole sorry … Continue reading And so it goes on…Heckingbottom lingers

Fire the failure #Hexit

#Hexit Well, here we are again.  Hibs snatching a draw from the jaws of a win.  Absolute shambles. The first half was mediocre to moderate.  Which is an improvement to say the least . The clock got stuck on 1 minute (so as soon as the game kicked off - that should have been an … Continue reading Fire the failure #Hexit

There’s a ticket behind the desk at Waverley for you Heckingbottom choo choo

Sunday's derby.  I have never been so underwhelmed going into a derby as I was yesterday.  Other games, yes, but not this fixture.  I got to my seat about kick-off, which is about normal these days.  Already the thought of going for chips was luring me away from the game. Roll on three hours and … Continue reading There’s a ticket behind the desk at Waverley for you Heckingbottom choo choo

The time is now

I don't know whether to be hot or cold.  A week or so ago I was melting around the house in shorts and a vest top.  Now it's the complete opposite, I'm freezing.  The bedroom window is closed at night, the extra blanket is on the bed.  It's like winter came in a week.  This … Continue reading The time is now

Put the singing section back in the east where they belong

There's a lot that can be said about Saturday's Scottish Cup tie between Hibernian and Celtic at Easter Road.  A lot of them not good.  I'm not talking about the match either.  About that, I thought Hibs were really good in the first half, it was competitive.  Second half went a bit awry.  Rare service … Continue reading Put the singing section back in the east where they belong


I am not going to rant here. I haven't written a blog about Hibernian for a little while, so I'm not going to write one that is a complete moan about the beloved Cabbage. However, things are not great, I don't think anyone would deny that. Yes, there are people who will say "just get … Continue reading Hibernian

Hibernian: Goals, chips with sauce and Sir David Gray

Apologies if this blog looks a bit odd.  WordPress tempted me into trying their new editor and, well, I don't have a clue.  Here's to hoping. Saturday 15th September 2018 saw us back at Easter Road after the international break.  A nice, normal, three o'clock kick off.  On a Saturday.  Lovely.  The journey to Easter … Continue reading Hibernian: Goals, chips with sauce and Sir David Gray

Talk about Mental Health

The next time you hear or read someone say 'Are you mentally ill?' in a derogatory tone then that might be a good time to remind them that absolutely everyone has mental health.  The only difference is that some people have good mental health and some people have bad mental health.  It only takes one … Continue reading Talk about Mental Health

Mind the Canyon

There's something I have been meaning to do in the last twenty-four hours...oh yes, that's it...LAUGH! Laugh at Craig Levein and his ridiculous "natural order" comments.  Laugh at him for just being HIM! Despite Hearts putting us out the Scottish Cup earlier in the year (you'd think they'd won the Champions League) we still have … Continue reading Mind the Canyon