Can’t win a derby if our team is too soft

Last week I was annoyed with the SFA for the possible postponement of the derby if there had to be a replay of the Scottish Cup match between Hearts and Club 2012.   Then coronavirus started appearing and I imagined the derby either getting played behind closed doors or postponed.  All I wanted was for this … Continue reading Can’t win a derby if our team is too soft

Merry ChristRoss…

You ever get a feeling before a game that this is going to be yours? Everyone else laughs at you.  You just know though.  It's about time something went your teams way.  And so, onto Hibernian v Aberdeen at Easter Road, seventh December 2019. One thing that was different on Saturday - I got to … Continue reading Merry ChristRoss…

And so it goes on…Heckingbottom lingers

Well, can't keep writing it.  We're terrible and Heckingbottom has to go.  It's difficult to think of anything else to say because this has been the case for weeks now. Wednesday night was a little bit different because we went down two goals and actually managed to get a point out of the whole sorry … Continue reading And so it goes on…Heckingbottom lingers

This and that

Site Stuff I was flitting about the site the other night and I realised that I don't write as often as I would like.  I have said this many times over the last nine years (yes, nine) and it gets on my nerves that I don't write as often as I would like.  It's ridiculous … Continue reading This and that


I am not going to rant here. I haven't written a blog about Hibernian for a little while, so I'm not going to write one that is a complete moan about the beloved Cabbage. However, things are not great, I don't think anyone would deny that. Yes, there are people who will say "just get … Continue reading Hibernian

We’ve Had Christmas

Well, there it is.  It's over.  For most people anyway.  There are people who haven't yet had their Christmas Day for various reasons but, for the majority it's done.  Weeks of sweating over whether deliveries will arrive in time, hours of wrapping, the hand cramp from writing hundreds of cards, it's over.  You can now … Continue reading We’ve Had Christmas

Hibernian: Goals, chips with sauce and Sir David Gray

Apologies if this blog looks a bit odd.  WordPress tempted me into trying their new editor and, well, I don't have a clue.  Here's to hoping. Saturday 15th September 2018 saw us back at Easter Road after the international break.  A nice, normal, three o'clock kick off.  On a Saturday.  Lovely.  The journey to Easter … Continue reading Hibernian: Goals, chips with sauce and Sir David Gray

I’m baaaaaaack

Good day/evening, dear reader. I came on here tonight to check the site was OK and I saw that I haven't blogged about anything since November the 7th! Now, there are some who would class that as a good thing but, I'm assured, there are others who have missed my ramblings on Hibs or anything … Continue reading I’m baaaaaaack