Fire the failure #Hexit

#Hexit Well, here we are again.  Hibs snatching a draw from the jaws of a win.  Absolute shambles. The first half was mediocre to moderate.  Which is an improvement to say the least . The clock got stuck on 1 minute (so as soon as the game kicked off - that should have been an … Continue reading Fire the failure #Hexit

Girls don’t like boys, girls like Simon Murray

I've had to use the latest addition to our song book as a title because I've been singing it since Saturday afternoon.  If not out loud then in my head. Shouldn't complain though. The song I had going through my prior to that was Skinny-Malinky-Long-Legs.  Don't ask. On to Saturday afternoon.  It rained but then … Continue reading Girls don’t like boys, girls like Simon Murray

Henderson to deliver….

Lately, when I've been feeling a little low or in need of a general feel good moment I have fired up the Scottish Cup Final of 2016 and watched the last few minutes. It's Henderson to deliver...and David Gray has scored, the Captain! Hibs are on the brink of history! Still get a thrill from … Continue reading Henderson to deliver….