Blind Leading the Blind

I think there comes a point when you pretty much realise that you are completely ready for lockdown to be over and are ready to return to work and some sort of normality. My point of realisation was last week when I was stood in the bedroom with the window blind wrapped around my head.  … Continue reading Blind Leading the Blind

It’s fine to miss having a haircut

Good day dear reader.  I hope you are well.  These are difficult times indeed and as we pass the eighth week of lockdown it's amazing to think that we've actually done it.  It's not finished, of course, but if someone had said to you this time last year that pubs, clubs and non-essentials shops would … Continue reading It’s fine to miss having a haircut

Say Hello for your Mental Health

Lockdown has been a strange time.  In normal times I walk in and around my local area and we’re lucky to have such a beautiful area to walk around in.  Edinburgh is incredibly lucky that it has so many places of beauty all within a city.  We really don’t have to travel far to find … Continue reading Say Hello for your Mental Health

I’m baaaaaaack

Good day/evening, dear reader. I came on here tonight to check the site was OK and I saw that I haven't blogged about anything since November the 7th! Now, there are some who would class that as a good thing but, I'm assured, there are others who have missed my ramblings on Hibs or anything … Continue reading I’m baaaaaaack

Germanwings plane crash: We might never know

Depression is getting a bit of a kicking in the media this last couple of days because co-pilot Andreas Lubitz had apparently been diagnosed with it and not only that, a sick note found in his apartment was inclusive of the day of the crash. All I'm seeing across the media is reports that he … Continue reading Germanwings plane crash: We might never know

What is normal?

What is normal? I'm not sure but if there is such a thing then I have to imagine that anyone who doesn't fall into that category is unique and that is much better than being normal. Normal is something created by those who don't wish to believe there is a problem. So if you say … Continue reading What is normal?

Ankle broken? Fine. Mind broken? Does not compute.

Over recent weeks I've had to come to terms with the fact that I have a mental health condition.  It started off as anxiety but it has worked its way into that plus depression.  It's not great.  One sets off the other, all the time. I feel anxious about a situation which leads me to … Continue reading Ankle broken? Fine. Mind broken? Does not compute.

The fairly influential Mr Robert Fergusson

A couple of years ago I was cantering around Edinburgh when I came across a statue outside the Canongate Kirk.  It's a statue that I may or may not have walked past before but it was only erected on October 17 2004.  It is the statue of Robert Fergusson, born September 5 1750 and died … Continue reading The fairly influential Mr Robert Fergusson