Scottish Football Returns

Well, it's back and it's as bonkers as ever. Scottish football. In all its glory. Of course, not all the leagues are back, just the SPL (Scottish Premier League) with the lower leagues set to get underway in October. On the 17th of the month by which time the SPL will have played ten match … Continue reading Scottish Football Returns

Trying to Make Sense of Things – Part 1: Football

Well, there are a number of things to talk about this time so let me begin with... Football - Scottish Let's start with Scottish football and the absolute state that it's in at the moment.  It generally is in a state but after the vote to end the league season due to the coronavirus pandemic … Continue reading Trying to Make Sense of Things – Part 1: Football

The time is now

I don't know whether to be hot or cold.  A week or so ago I was melting around the house in shorts and a vest top.  Now it's the complete opposite, I'm freezing.  The bedroom window is closed at night, the extra blanket is on the bed.  It's like winter came in a week.  This … Continue reading The time is now