The Queue Issue

Since lockdown started we’ve been asked to queue outside supermarkets so that they can limit how many are in the store at any one time. I completely agree with this and have been observing social distancing. At first our local Sainsbury’s wasn’t sure how they wanted people to queue so it was a bit of … Continue reading The Queue Issue

Leading up to Christmas

Ah, it's that time of year.  Yes, it's December, it's the month where the temperature drops, really drops.  It's the month which entertains Christmas and the annual emptying of the bank account. Years ago, I used to buy for everyone and theirs.  Even their pets.  Then I realised that this was costing an extraordinary amount … Continue reading Leading up to Christmas

I love shopping – until I need to buy something

I love shopping...unless I'm actually out buying something.  Does that make sense? Probably not, so I'll explain. Firstly, apologies if there are areas of this blog without spacing, my space bar seems to have gone on strike. Right, so shopping.  Wandering along Princes Street on a Saturday afternoon is a complete nightmare.  People walking in … Continue reading I love shopping – until I need to buy something