The entertainment of a suicidal man

On Thursday 27th of August Princes Street in Edinburgh closed in the area surrounding the 200 ft tall Scott Monument.  The reason behind this was a man had been spotted at the top of the monument and it seemed that his intention was to jump to his death. Emergency services responded and the area was sealed … Continue reading The entertainment of a suicidal man

Look Up…but don’t look away

I've seen this video circulating around social media in the last couple of days.  Look Up is utterly fantastic and spoken word used to its very best...on social media.  Yet it's about putting your phone down and not using social media. I don't disagree with the video.  There are many aspects of it which are … Continue reading Look Up…but don’t look away

Think twice about Twitter death rumours

This point came to me this evening when I saw that there had been a Twitter rumour about Margaret Thatcher dying.  This isn't the first time that this rumour has circulated around Twitter and it comes a day after rumours that Prince Philip was suspected to be very ill. These sorts of rumours are not … Continue reading Think twice about Twitter death rumours